WiFi Ultraboost Review – Does it really extend the Network Range?

Imagine you are in a room with no Wi-fi. Isn’t it a negative imagination? Yes, that’s true just because no person can imagine his life without Wi-fi nowadays! With the internet capturing a rapid pace, it has started playing an indispensable role in the modern world. The era has matured a bit and thus, the days of wired internet have gone.

Instead, people are presently relying on fewer cables that can provide good internet speed at their homes. This technology is known as Wi-fi and it is serving as a need of the hour.

But, what if your Wi-fi has a specific range within your room and whenever you go out in the balcony, you can’t access it? Such cases are quite common. A Wi-fi booster acts as a perfect solution for this issue.

You don’t have to rely on any random booster for your Wi-fi. Instead, you can make use of the Wi-fi Ultraboost for this purpose. It is way too efficient and quite different from the other common Wi-fi boosters!

What is a Wi-fi Ultraboost?

A Wi-fi Ultraboost is a device that can connect to your Wi-fi signal to boost the internet signals. If your room has bad connections, they would swipe away once the Wi-fi Ultraboost is set up there. It plays the role of a signal that connects the internet’s speed to your device’s location.

WiFi Ultraboost

It can cover wide spaces without any kind of hassle and so, you can use it with no hustle. This is a brand-new product in the market and it has a shape looking similar to a small charger. Just plug it into the area where the Internet’s reach is not prevalent, you are then good to go!

How does a Wi-fi Ultraboost work?

While surfing the product’s website, you won’t be able to get much information about this product. With our extensive research on this product and communication with customer care, here is detailed info about how this product works. When you have attained this product by making a purchase, you will be getting it in a box! Take it out and later, connect it to the router network present in your home! This would not take more than 20-30 minutes. You are all set now!

There is a need for you to ensure that you have kept the Ultraboost at a place that has minimal Internet reach. On its completion, you will witness a boost in internet signals at your home even in the places which had an internet issue previously!

Open the Wi-fi settings and there you will be able to note that the new booster’s name would be present there. The moment you connect with it, your internet’s speed is going to enhance drastically! It is as easy as it sounds.

Just in case, you are still doubtful about the speed you can check it on the ‘Google speed test’. You would need to check the internet speed before the usage of Booster and then, after its usage! Obviously, you are going to spot a huge difference and a satisfactory one too. The Google Speed Test will provide you the results in just a matter of seconds.

It has to be noted that the effectiveness of Wi-fi Ultraboost shall majorly depend upon the place you are keeping it in. Apart from that, it shall also depend upon the no, of obstacles between the booster and the place you are present in. It is eminent in extending the range of signals prevalent in your room.

What are the varied advantages of Wi-fi Ultraboost?

This device is undoubtedly very easy to use and thus, you can efficiently operate it. Its formulation is based on advanced technology. Such innovative technology has enabled this device to operate in the finest possible manner. All you need to do is just place the device at a place with lesser signals and connect it to the existing socket there.

The product hails with a whole amalgamation of advantages. These are mentioned below. You can have a glance:

  • In order to get a better signal, there exists no need for you to move the router from here and there.
  • There is no usage of internal cable needed for connecting this booster.
  • Also, while connecting Wi-fi Ultraboost in your room, you don’t have to move your furniture.
  • Once you have started using Wi-fi Ultraboost, there wouldn’t be even a single dead area at your home.
  • This device has never demanded any kind of miscellaneous subscription or extra cost.
  • It is adaptable and thus, has an ability to function with any internet provider or router’s brand.
  • The cost of this device is way too reasonable. Thus, you shall not have to worry about your budget or another relatable aspect.
  • Wi-fi Ultraboost is a very secure device and also serves as a practical option.
  • It has WPA2 encryption and this is the best security solution a booster can ever get.

Is the cost of Wi-fi Ultraboost high?

Generally, people expect the Wi-fi Ultraboost to be of a higher price due to its advanced technology and unique specifications! But this isn’t the case here. The manufacturers keep on giving discounts on this product and thus, it won’t make a hole in your pocket.

With its incredibly small price, you would never ever be able to refuse such a deal. It is recommended for you to order this product from its official website. This would let you avoid any kind of hassle. Also, before making a purchase you would be able to know more about this product from its website itself.

What are the features of Wi-fi Ultraboost?

Wi-fi Ultraboost has commendable features and these have collectively made this device a great hit! Below are some of its features, read on further…

  • This product has always been successful in connecting a good number of users to the router without any kind of data loss.
  • Get a stronger as well as faster Wi-fi connection that you would have never imagined before.
  • Its installation is way too easy and you don’t have to seek aid from an expert for the same. You just have to plug it in any wall socket and see it work!
  • With the WPS function i.e. Wi-fi Protected Setup, the wireless network data transmission is made way too easy.
  • The amount of internet up-gradation is much more than the cost of this device. Thus, it is carried with a value for your money spent on it.
  • Its Wireless rate is up to 300 Mbps and the notable frequency is 2.4 GHz.

What do customers have to say about Wi-fi Ultraboost?

The device is accompanied with much ease for its operation and the users won’t have to take any help from the expert. This has been one of the reasons for its being liked all across the globe. Also, the user just has to press the WPS button and the device is connected in no time. This is as amazing as it sounds and way too easier than you think.

If you unplug and then plug again, you shall not have to re-enter the password. This is because it has already been stored. But, some of the users have complained that its signals are not able to match up to their expectations! Others have also entailed that they had to wait much for the order’s delivery. However, it’s handling, as well as a connection has been referred to as an uncomplicated one.

WiFi Ultraboost Review

This device cannot be used in open spaces and thus, the users have to use indoors. They need a place with a covered terrace and there, it can operate. It is because the terrace will prevent the booster from rain and other natural activities.

Some have claimed that the device gets heated up very easily during the use. Thus, whenever you are leaving your house, ensure that the booster is disconnected. Otherwise, it is going to lead to a fire hazard if any technical problem occurs.

For a good number of people, the Wi-fi Ultraboost has served as the right option to increase the signals at their home. Thus, we can say that you can easily use this product and count on it for transforming your dead areas into active ones. But you must not forget to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind too while using them.


It is small in size and you can place it anywhere at your home, preferably at a place where you have network issues! There are four displays on this product and these are WLAN, LAN, WPS and on/off. When the device is under-use a green light will be shown as an indicator of the same.

If your Wi-fi signals are still too low, you can also try connecting the Ultraboost to LAN Cable. This can be done with the help of the LAN port on the device’s side. Thus, the aforementioned information about Wi-fi Ultraboost is quite true and genuine too! Thus, you can very easily rely on the same before purchasing this device.

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