WashZilla Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Are those chemical detergents slowly killing the life of your favorite attires? It gets really troubling to maintain the shine and quality of the fabrics. Machine wash degrades the strength and glint of clothes. Are you also dreaming of a product that can wash your clothes without flipping off their shine? Then, don’t worry, WashZilla is the perfect product for you. It can get rid of those nasty stains without deteriorating the lifespan and quality.

WashZilla is a greener and more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional washing powders that weakens the fibers and makes them lustreless and dull that makes them look old and trashy.  With the use of WashZilla, you can change the way you do your laundry.


It is a bioceramic ball that cleans the clothes without the use of any detergent with utmost efficiency. The makers claim it to last you up for around 1,000 washes, which can make it worth buying and trying for at least once.

This is compatible with any ordinary to high tech washing machines and performs better than any leading or prominent detergent powder that can make your apparels more rough and dull with every wash.

What is WashZilla?

It is an unusual laundry ball that can be a part of any household. With its bioceramic formation, it is 100% safe for pets and children. This is a unique washing ball that can save time and energy and can last up to 1,000 washes. It is entirely skin-friendly and will not cause any reddened surface, rashes, or eczema. Most of the ordinary detergents often lead to many skin problems, making it unsafe and problematic.

It is more of an alkaline-based product that ensures cleaner and gentle fibers after every wash.  It also infuses special minerals in the fabric, which stays until the next roll, making it less prone to damage. Like conventional detergents, you have to separate the white and colored fabrics so as to avoid any unwanted transfer of colors, creating stains can ruin the entire piece of cloth.

This preserves the expressiveness and luminosity of the clothes, keeping them as new as they were. It requires no technical skills or technicians to place it inside your washing machine. It is completely an easy-peasy task to install WashZilla.

Due to the presence of pH- neutralizers, it washes off even the stubborn stains and marks that are difficult to wash without harming the fabric quality.

How does WashZilla work?

It works by using minerals and magnets that change the chemical properties by varying its pH- balance. The increased pH balance of the water helps in the breakdown of H2O molecules that help to get rid of the stubborn stain and dust particles.

It requires no manual efforts, which means that you can do other tasks alongside washing your clothes. This is 100% chemical-free and is synthesized with skin-friendly enzymes. This makes it eco-friendly as well as skin-friendly. You can remove all the oil, dirt, grime, and stains from your favorite pair of jeans and your shirt that you cannot afford to lose. You can wash all your heap of dirty clothes effortlessly.

It is an ideal choice for the people who are really busy in their working life and cannot dispense more time for laundry. It is a device that makes your laundry days quite hassle-free. In short, it is a troubleshooter for all your clothing problems.

Who needs WashZilla?

All those housewives and working people looking for a quicker and efficient alternative to their conventional washing powder problems need to use this product at least once.  It can really make your daily chore of washing uncomplicated and undemanding.


This magical device is entirely safe and efficient, which can be used daily and lasts up to 1,000 washes. This is an entirely sustainable product that can be reused. It comes with tons of advantages. Some of them are:

  • Chemical-free: The main selling point of WashZilla is the chemical-free formulation that makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin or all the ones who are prone to rashes and redness on the surface. It possesses ceramic beads that act as a disinfectant.
  • Compatibility with all washing machines: It is compatible with all conventional and advanced washing machines. You don’t have to buy a new high tech washing machine to operate this. It is designed to use 80% less water as compared to any washing powder that is available in the market. Even with less water, it washes more efficiently than detergents.
  • Keeps the fabric lustrous: Usually, clothes lose their shine after frequent washing, and we don’t love them in the same way, but with WashZilla, you can keep the appearance intact. With every wash, you can have soft and shiny clothes that make your overall dressing worth praise. Its alkaline formation is the main reason behind the dazzling glaze that is achieved after every wash.
  • Lasts up to 1,000 washes:  These  1,000 washes can last you more than two years, which is a long time duration and will make the investment worth. It can provide fresh and vibrant clothes for quite a long time. For better efficiency, it is advisable to use it with warm water that assures that no bacteria remain on the cloth.
  • pH balanced: This balances the pH balance of water. Imbalanced pH can lead to skin problems.
  • Pocket Friendly: It is a one-time assessment that can last up to 1000 washes. You don’t have to buy detergent every week. It also clears off the stains in just one or two rolls, unlike those detergent treatments that require multiple washes.
  • Bio-ceramic technology: This laundry ball contains bio-ceramic beads that act as natural disinfectant once they react with hot water. This makes sure that there is no contamination in the washing water.
  • Infuses minerals in every wash: After every wash, minerals are infused in the intermolecular spaces, which stays activated until the next wash.

With these many unique features, you can never go wrong in opting for this new WashZilla.


  • It works more efficiently in warm water.
  • Available only at online platforms.

WashZilla Price and Availability

This advance and the supreme product are admired by many people around the world. You can buy this product online on various platforms, but it is recommended to buy it from the official website as it will assure the true and best quality.

It is priced at only $36.59, which is quite a steal because it can last you for more than 2 years. This will be way too less than what you will spend on buying washing powders.  You can always find some discount running on this if you buy it from their official website.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

People are delighted with their purchase as it has reduced their efforts and cost of doing their laundry. Unlike the detergents, it does not harm their clothes’ quality and texture. This keeps the appearance as new and elegant as it was when they first bought it. They are pleased with the pleasant odor that comes after each and every wash. The best part is that this odor comes even after the 1,000th wash.

The users are in love with the fact that this is allergic free and therefore is skin-friendly. They are able to wash the clothes of infants also as it makes them soft and refreshed. It has been tried and tested by many people all around the globe, and most of its users have given 4-5 stars. They are satisfied with the efficiency and functioning of the product. It serves the purpose it is made for.

Final Verdict

Now you don’t have to throw away your favorite dress just because it lost its luster and does not look as glittery and elegant as when you wore it for the first time. With the launch of WashZilla, you can forget about the hassle of buying the detergent every week.

This comes with the benefit of a one-time investment. A single unit can run for more than a year, which sums up to almost 1,000 washes, as claimed by the developers.

This is an eco-friendly device that has not been synthesized with any harsh chemicals that are often present in the conventional washing powders, which are very harmful to the skin. It can cause eczema, redness, and itchy rashes. With this purchase, you can be sorted about the sulfate-rich detergents.

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