Vita Hair Brush Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Most of the people throughout the world are living a harmful and very hectic lifestyle. This causes many damages to a human body after which it requires massages at regular intervals to relax and keep working normally. Massages at regular intervals work wonders in eliminating some of the damages caused by a harmful and hectic lifestyle.

Massages soothe muscle soreness, aching, and eliminates the tension which most of the people in corporate companies go through every day. It promotes a feeling of mental and physical well-being and also keeps a person away from anxiety and stress.

Vita Hair Brush is a handheld product used for massaging the scalp. It uses micro-laser technology. This technology eliminates the release of the DHT hormone as soon as it is used. It works wonders when it comes to keeping stress and tension away by providing a soothing massage. It helps by providing a healthy massage and promoting a healthy scalp, gives good hair growth, and eliminates stress.

The hairbrush is very easy to hold and use. Anyone can hold the brush very easily and comfortably while using it because of a comfortable grip. The massage feels very soothing because of its soft and slightly flexible rubber tips which do not tangle into hairs and do not give any discomfort to the user.

People who go through dandruff issues can use the product as a healthy scalp is very necessary to eliminate dandruff from roots.


The design of the hairbrush is such that the user can also carry it while traveling and can use the brush at home also. Continuous and regular use of Vita Hair Brush promotes a healthier scalp leading to good and healthy hair growth. People who are going through severe dandruff should use the product as a healthier scalp is a must for eliminating dandruff.

If a user feels that he/she is losing more hair from a particular area on the scalp, he/she can use the brush for more time on that particular area leading to more blood circulation.

Pregnant women often face hair fall during the pregnancy period and it invites stress. So, the Vita Hair Brush can help pregnant women in reducing hair loss and uninvited stress.

How Does It Work

When a person massages his/her scalp with the Vita Hair Brush regularly, it increases the circulation of blood flow throughout the scalp and more oxygenated blood is reached. This leads to more healthy nutrients in the scalp and stimulates the production of collagen on the skin. Hence, the distribution of nutrients is highly improved in the hair follicles.

This improves hair growth, hair health, moisturizes skin, and highly decreases hair loss.


  1. Promotes Hair Growth: The product is initially designed to promote hair growth by keeping the scalp healthy. The user can use add-ons like oils or shampoos to get better results and in less time.
  2. Easy to Use: The product is comfortable and easy to use. The user can use his/her index and middle finger to hold the brush comfortably and use it without having any discomfort. The grip of the product also provides enough friction making it easy for the user to use the product.
  3. Stimulates Blood Circulation: The brush when used properly can stimulate blood circulation, so the more oxygenated blood is reached at the surface of the scalp. The blood also carries healthy nutrients to the scalp.
  4. Less Flaky Scalp: The massage also moisturizes the scalp with natural oil produced by the body. The increased blood flow and moisture will make hair healthier and eliminates most of the flakiness from the scalp. Hence, it helps in reducing dandruff.
  5. Detangling Hair: Vita Hair Brush helps in detangling hair. The smooth and flexible rubber tips make it easier to detangle the hair with less pain.


  1. Not Enough Vibration: As the product is designed to promote hair growth. It doesn’t provide enough vibration to give good and faster results for users who are looking to grow their hair in less time. This factor may vary user-to-user as some users may get good results with fewer vibrations also.
  2. Changing of Batteries: Though it does require very little power to work, sometimes it is a bit difficult for some of the users to change the battery of the product. If the product could be made rechargeable, it may have made it easier to use.


The users have reported brilliant results that the hairbrush has given to them. It includes the following:

  • Relaxation: It provides a soothing massage to users which helps in relaxing and reducing stress. In the long-term, it keeps the body fresh and healthy as well as away from tension.
  • Hair Growth: The product is primarily for growing hair at a faster rate. Many users have experienced increased hair growth while using oils with the brush.
  • Reduced Hair fall and Dandruff: The brush increases blood circulation leading to healthy nutrients in the scalp and roots of the hair. Healthy nutrients eliminate dandruff as well as hair fall.

Vita Hair Brush Price

For now, the Vita Hair Brush can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. The product can be delivered to home. There are several discounts provided to the buyers of the hairbrush. If a person buys two brushes at once, he/she can get a discount of up to 45% and up to 50% discount on the purchase of three brushes.

The price of one brush is $99.99 and the buyer has to pay additional charges for shipping and handling. If a buyer buys two brushes, the price comes down to $183.99 giving a 45% discount as well as free shipping and handling. While buying three quantity of brushes, the price comes down to $249.99 providing a 50% discount along with free shipping and handling.

There are several alternatives also at cheap prices but they don’t provide the same quality and service as Vita Hair Brush gives. Other alternatives have hard bristles which can cause rashes and uneasiness on the scalp.

Is it recommended?

Most of the people who have used the product recommend others to use it also to get healthy hair and scalp. It’s long and smooth rubber bristles help in reaching the roots of the hair making a big impact on dandruff and hair growth by stimulating the circulation of blood. It provides a soothing massage that convinces a user to use the product at regular intervals as it also helps in reducing stress, tension, and anxiety leading to a healthy body. When it is used with oils, it provides relaxation to the users.

Vita Hair Brush is made with the help of a cutting-edge micro-laser technology that eliminates the DHT hormone which weakens hair and makes them fall. After regular use, the user can feel how the Vita Hair Brush gives strength to hair and scalp and gives back all the healthy nutrients which it has lost. There are cheaper alternatives available to Vita Hair Brush, but in the matter of hair, only good and well-rated products should be used for the best results.

Vita Hair Brush can be carried while traveling as it is battery operated and easy to carry and use. It is suitable for all hair types, so anyone can use the product. It should be cleaned after every user, so that no residues are left on the hairbrush.

So, if a hair brush can bring in so much to the peace in your mind, then there is not a reason to not try it. On the other hand, the disadvantages or less to nothing.

Caring for the product

The brush should always be cleaned after use. The user should ensure that all the residues and oil is removed. It should not be submerged in water as it is a battery-operated product, and excess water can cause problems for the product.

You can always look for the instructions in the product to know how to care for it. It is advised that you do it as per the instructions to ensure the durability of the product. If not cared for, the product may not provide the kind of results we have discussed here.


In human beings, hormones are very active all the time. Most women face a hormonal imbalance regularly and it keeps increasing day by day. Stress gives the body more reasons to fall sick and shed hair from time to time. The hair fall can also be caused by vitamin deficiencies because the scalp and roots of hair stop functioning normally as there is a lack of healthy nutrients.

The solution to the problem is a massage. Hair massage can help in removing flakes, dirt, as well as chemicals contained in other hair products. This leads to healthier hair follicles and regains the ability of scalp to grow hair and keep the scalp moisturized. There are no harsh chemicals and technology is used which may harm the scalp or any part of the body.

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