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Super Boost WiFi Review – Price, Benefits, Works or Not?

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Have you ever thought about the relationship you have with your Wi-Fi? Yes, your Wi-Fi! You read it right! Life can be straightaway incomplete without a proper Wi-Fi connection. Try to imagine a world where you do not have access to your favorite web series on Netflix. Imagine a world where you cannot scroll your Facebook or search for information on Google. Can you visualize your life without Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat? How did it feel? Horrible right?

I hope now you understand the vital significance of Wi-Fi connection in your life. You do not want to lead your life like a caveman. You cannot survive a single day without playing games or scrolling through your favorite social media platforms. Hence, Wi-Fi is your ultimate need in life.

How is Wi-Fi beneficial for you?

  • It is your passport to the world: You cannot deny the fact that the internet is your passport to the world. You can experience the whole world without stepping out of the home. The Internet broadens up your mind. You become knowledgeable. The virtual world can teach you about a lot of things. The Internet fulfills your wish of exploring the world. Even if you cannot step out of your home, you come to know about the culture, religion, history of the entire world. And in case you are ready to explore the world and need a guide for the same, the internet becomes your best friend.
  • It helps in connecting you with people: A good Wi-Fi connection enables you to build up your social circle. It makes you feel a part of the world. You do not feel alone. You make friends, stay connected, and meet them in the real world, and thus your world gets bigger.
  • It entertains you: Wi-Fi keeps you engrossed in online games. You can binge-watch your favorite web series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on. You can scroll endlessly on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you are an introvert and love to spend some “me” time, then Wi-Fi helps you out.

So if you want your life sorted, then you must have a good quality Wi-Fi connection. But, even after having a Wi-Fi connection, if you cannot enjoy it because of a lack of proper signal, then you must think of some solution. Here, steps in Super Boost WiFi. It is a device that acts as a signal amplifier. It provides you with easy access to the world of the internet.

What is Super Boost WiFi?

Super Boost WiFi is the ultimate device that boosts up your existing Wi-Fi signal. Thus, the rooms that have a bad connection can receive a better signal from the router. It simple equipment that you can plug-in any socket of the room where you want a stronger Wi-Fi signal. The device is made in such a way that it suits different power outlets of the United States as well as Europe.

Super Boost WiFi

There is a wide variety of Wi-Fi booster available in the market. But Super Boost WiFi is undoubtedly one of the best. Once you plug in the device, you do not have to experience any kind of WLAN dropouts. You can even enjoy a strong Wi-Fi signal sitting in your backyard or lawn if the Super Boost WiFi is there in the vicinity.

In this article, we will give you all the essential details regarding Super Boost WiFi. Here you will get detailed information about the features, prices, customer reviews of the efficient device. Please have a look:

Specifications and technical details:

  • The device is entirely compatible with all known routers having a WLAN connection.
  • There are a total of four displays:
  • WPS
  • WLAN
  • LAN
  • On/Off
  • The dimensions of the device are – 8x7x5
  • A LAN port is available at the side of the device. You can connect to the LAN cable for faster internet surfing.
  • There are four different power adapters – 240V plugs in Europe, 120V plugs in the US, 230V plugs in Australia/China/New Zealand/Argentina.

How to use it?

You just have to plug in the device in a power outlet and connect it to the existing router network. This happens within a few minutes. After getting connected, the booster will enhance the speed of the Wi-Fi in different rooms. To enjoy the boosted signal, you need to connect to the booster itself and not the router.

All you have to do is to open your Wi-Fi settings. You will be able to see the new booster here. Connect to this new booster, and you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi signal.

You can also check whether the booster is working or not. Take a speed test using Google Speed Test. You will be amazed to witness the significant jump in Wi-Fi speed.

Pros of using Super Boost WiFi Booster:

Let’s have a look at the advantages of using a Super Boost WiFi booster:

  • You need not have extra internet cables for enhancing the speed of your Wi-Fi.
  • You need not keep changing the position of your Wi-Fi routers again and again.
  • You will not experience the hassles of a dead zone at your place.
  • You need not make modifications in your home décor for avoiding obstruction to Wi-Fi signals.
  • The device is compatible with almost all the top brands of Wi-Fi routers.
  • You need not pay any extra rental charges to your Wi-Fi supplier for boosting up the Wi-Fi signal.

Cons of using Super Boost WiFi Booster:

There is absolutely no disadvantage in using this device. You can enjoy the benefits without worrying about any shortcomings.

Who can use Super Boost WiFi?

Super Boost WiFi can cater to your domestic as well as official needs. If enhancing the performance of your internet connectivity is your ultimate aim, then this device can be your savior. Following people can reap the benefits of using Super Boost WiFi:

  • Those who want the fastest Wi-Fi ever: If you always keep on complaining about slow internet speeds, then Super Boost WiFi will be of great help to you.
  • Those who have a vast property: If you have a large mansion or workplace, then a Wi-Fi router alone will not help. Super Boost WiFi will help you in such a scenario.
  • Those who have poor Wi-Fi signals: If you cannot receive proper Wi-Fi signals at particular places, then you can definitely give Super Boost WiFi a try.

Super Boost WiFi Price

You can get hold of Super Boost WiFi at a very affordable rate. You have to pay just $49.95 for a single device. If you want two such devices, then you need to pay only $79.95. Also if you’re going to use this for official purposes or want to gift it to someone, then you can purchase 3-4 devices together. For three devices the price is $109.95, and for four devices, the cost is $139.95. You can see for yourself how affordable Super Boost WiFi is. So, if you plan to purchase in sets, you will enjoy substantial discounts. 

Also, there is a 30-days money-back policy on Super Boost WiFi booster. If by any chance, you are not happy with the performance of Super Boost WiFi, then you can return the device and ask for a refund. Just make sure that the device should be in proper working condition. There should not be any kind of physical damage to the device. The company will confirm your exchange offer by sending an email. Either they will send you another device or provide you store credit. From there, you can redeem another booster for free.

Customer reviews

A student from the US says that earlier he did not receive proper Wi-Fi signals in his study room. His projects, revisions and everything lagged because of weak Wi-Fi signals. Then one of his friends suggested him to use the Super Boost WiFi booster. Since then, his life has changed dramatically. He has not missed out on a single online project. He can finish all his study tasks on time.

Another person highly recommends Super Boost WiFi. He is a web designer by profession. He suffered a lot due to poor Wi-Fi signal at his workplace. He could not provide his services to the clients on time. He was always late and started garnering a reputation of being unprofessional. Then he started using Super Boost WiFi. This device transformed his life miraculously. He now receives regular compliments for his work.

There is an umpteen number of positive reviews for the Super Boost WiFi booster. Hence, you can trust this device fully. There will be no fraud or scams. It is a legit Wi-Fi booster which can help you receive high-speed Wi-Fi signal.

Final Verdict

This device is indeed a value for money as it provides high speed, uninterrupted Wi-Fi signals. The affordable cost makes this device a lucrative option. Also, the 30 days of money-back policies are like the testament of its high-quality performance.

Also, it is compatible with all types of routers. Investing in this Wi-Fi booster is definitely a good idea. For further queries, you can go through the official website of Super Boost WiFi.

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