SnoreStrap Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Do you snore every night and often listens to complaints about it the next morning? It could be irritating to sleep next to a snoring person and can give you an entire sleepless night, which can be problematic for you for the following day.


Chronic snoring can also lead to some other complications in health. Well, snorers can’t control their snoring habit, Right? Not really because now they can control it with the help of SnoreStrap.

Why do we snore?

Snoring takes place due to the uneasy movement of air through the nose and throat, which disturbs the surrounding tissues and makes them vibrate, which causes sounds that are called as snoring. People with floppy tissues are more prone to snoring.

Problems caused by snoring

Though regular snoring does not cause much harm in some cases, it can associate with other issues and can be troublesome. Some of them are;

  • Morning headaches
  • Night sweats
  • Sleeplessness
  • Memory problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Teeth grinding
  • Peeing at night
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • High blood pressure
  • Fluctuating insulin level
  • Atrial fibrillation

Mild or severe, both types of snoring can cause trouble by associating with other minor problems that can be a significant problem for you and the people around you.

What is SnoreStrap?

It is a strap that is made by a team of professionals after thorough research about snoring. It is an anti-snoring device that is well fabricated to support the chin and to make the process of inhalation and exhalation easier so that the surrounding muscles remain at rest and do not cause any vibrations and sounds.

It is supposed to be wrapped over your head and chin that will keep the mouth closed while sleeping. A SnoreStrap is efficient in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), a common disorder in adults that occurs due to blockage of the air passage in the nasal cavity. 

The SnoreStrap is designed with skin-friendly material and is comfortable to be used daily, which can give you sound free nights and refreshed mornings. It can also be used to solve the jaw dislocation problem.

How does a snoring strap works?

The snoring strap works by supporting the chin while sleeping and keeps the mouth closed. It minimizes the rapid flapping of air, which is the main reason for snoring. It grips the chin and jaw and does not allow the nearby muscles to vibrate. Vibratory tissues cause snoring sounds.

This strap is a non- invasive device, unlike MADs and TSDs, which have to be inserted in the mouth that causes discomfort and is not efficient in their job. These invasive measures can also lead to toothache and jaw pain.

Who needs a SnoreStrap?

 All the adults that are suffering from the problem of snoring can make good use of this anti-SnoreStrap. It is ideal for people who snore through the mouth rather than those who have nose snoring problems.

The purpose of the strap is to hold the chin and jaw area with an adjustable Velcro strap that can be fastened as per your face size and comfort.

Things to keep in mind while buying SnoreStrap.

While buying SnoreStrap, you should look for high quality and clinically certified products that can be long-lasting and durable enough to run through at least a year.  You should keep in mind that the Velcro should be of top-notch quality as it is the central part of this device. A well-gripped band will provide the adequate hold that the chin and mouth need so as to make the passage of air effortless. 

Go for a strap that comes with a waterproof storing case. This will keep your device safe, and it will become easy to carry along while you are traveling.

What are the advantages of using a snoring strap?

SnoreStrap is an ideal solution for all the mouth snorers as it possesses some excellent qualities like;

  1. No side effects– Since it has no chemical composition, this is an entirely safe device and ideal for every age group.
  2. Skin Friendly– It is fabricated with neoprene type material, which causes no skin irritation and any type of fungal infections, which can lead to acne.
  3. Suitable for all age groups– adults more require SnoreStraps, but kids of any age group can use it.
  4. Available in different styles– With different purposes, there are different types of straps available to serve each purpose. There is a variation of regular, small, and large sizes along with many designs and refinements to choose from.
  5. Durable– This product is long-lasting as it is made with sturdy neoprene or lycra material, which is color safe as well. It can last you as long as two years but is recommended to be replaced every year.
  6. Washable – You can regularly wash it without causing any damage to the product. The efficiency of the product is not harmed with regular washing. It is advised to be hand-washed and can be dried in the sun.
  7. Ideal for people with dentures– SnoreStraps are a comfortable choice for people having false teeth. They will not have any problem while sleeping with a snore band.
  8. Improves Rapid Eye Phasing (REM) phase– It helps in extending the REM phase and thus allows you to the deep sleep that can help you to recharge the body cells.
  9. Cures Sleep apnea– Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes repeated stopping of breathes while sleeping.

With all these fantastic qualities, you can never repent buying this product as it serves the purpose that it is fabricated for.

Disadvantages of SnoreStrap

Along with many advantages, wearing a snoring strap comes with a few problems as well;

  1. Trying to use with blocked nasal– if your nasal is blocked with cough, then you cannot breathe by wearing this strap.
  2. Not a long-term solution- This strap is not a long term solution for your snoring problem.
  3. Not suitable for nose snorers– This is designed to work only for mouth snorers and not for nose snorers.

How to use it?

It is incredibly convenient to use SnoreStrap as you just have to wear it over your head and chin. It comes with an adjustable band that you can adjust as per your comfort. It keeps it from coming off while sleeping.

It comes with a reusable waterproof packaging case that keeps it away from infections. The strap is quite handy and is snugged in your bags and pockets, which makes it suitable for traveling.

How long does SnoreStrap last?

 Since it is made with neoprene and lycra, it is highly durable and has minimum chances of wear and tear. It can be used for one to two years, but it is recommended by the makers to replace it every year as its efficiency might decrease after a year. Also, the elasticity of the band can get affected due to regular usage.

Can it be used alongside other medications and treatments?

Yes, snoring strap can be used with any other treatments and medicines as it has no chemical composition. You can use it in conjunction with other devices like CPAP and BIPAP, which are also used to treat snoring problems. There have been many community feedbacks that they have no issues while using it with other devices or medicines. It creates no effect on the efficiency of other conjunctions.

SnoreStrap Price and Availability

SnoreStraps are available on multiple online platforms and can be bought from pharmacies as well. It is a readily accessible device and is priced between $20 to $50 depending on the brand and quality.

Customers reviews and recommendations

The people have been suffering from the issues of snoring for a long time but were not finding an effective and permanent cure for it. After the use of SnoreStrap, they are satisfied with the product as it has helped them to bid a goodbye to their snoring problem forever.

The users are happy to recommend this to other people suffering from it.  They are pleased with the quality of it as it is sewn well to prevent fraying.  The majority of the users have given 4-5 stars to SnoreStrap as it has helped them to sleep peacefully every night and wake up refreshed every morning.

Final verdict

SnoreStrap is an excellent solution to all the mouth snorers but is not suitable for nose snorers. It is made with neoprene material that gives complete comfort and is 100% skin-friendly. It comes with an adjustable band that grips the chin and jaw. It allows the air to pass smoothly through the nasal cavity. It does not cause any disturbance to surrounding nerves, which vibrates due to the uneasy passage of the wind that results in snoring eventually.

Although it is advised to consult a physician before buying the SnoreStrap as snoring can occur due to some other health issues as well that should be treated.

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