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Eyes are the important organs that open the door for the universe. Do you know that the resolution of the human eye is equivalent to 576 megapixels? This is the reason that you can see every detail in the world so clearly. Lucky are those who have healthy eyes! But about the persons suffering from eye problems?

Eye problems may be genetic or may be resultant of the other serious health problems. The major eye problems conclude with poor vision that needs to be corrected immediately. We commonly call it weak eyesight.

Do you suffer from weak eyesight? How are you tackling your problem of weak eyesight? Surely, you are trying to normalize your life with lens or specs. But how do you handle the changes in your eyesight? Will you go for a new power lens or specs each time or try to use the older one and results in harming your present eyesight? The sure shot answer to the critical problem is the adjustable power specs. ProperFocus is one of the most trusted adjustable vision products.

What is ProperFocus?

ProperFocus is the next generation solution to persistent and unavoidable eye problems like poor vision, lack of clarity, etc. It is a universal product that can be used by anyone and does not require specialized maintenance.


ProperFocus is power adjusting glasses that can deliver the power as per the requirement of the user. It is made up of the unique and latest dual-lens technology that helps you to achieve your power with adjusting screws. Irrespective of heavy-duty function, it can be 100% customized according to power correction of both or single eye and is lightweight glasses.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

ProperFocus best features include:

  • It has an adjustable lens that can adapt for reading, driving, or any other situation.
  • It is an impact restraint and does not bend easily under strong pressure. The credit goes to the exceptionally crafted design of ProperFocus.
  • No more marks of specs on your nose as ProperFocus comes with nose pads that provide next-level comfort to you.
  • The frame of ProperFocus is flexible and is made up of highly durable material.
  • You can easily wash your ProperFocus with warm water and soap, hence no need for specialized products.
  • It is protected with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.
  • It is cheaper than other products.

Pros and Cons of ProperFocus


Let us have a quick look at the multi-fold advantages of ProperFocus:

  1. It is easy to use and easy to maintain glasses.
  2. It is lightweight and durable.
  3. The lenses of ProperFocus are scratch-free and fingerprint free.
  4. You can adjust the power for different eyes separately.
  5. It can be sued for reading and other purposes as well. Simply adjust the power and you are good to go!
  6. It is versatile glasses that can be used by any person irrespective of age or gender.
  7. It is an effective product in correcting the vision instantly.

Your eyes demand something special, gift them the pleasure of ProperFocus. ProperFocus will win your heart in no time.


There are no visible problems related to ProperFocus except for the fact that:

  • ProperFocus is available online only and you have to wait for a while in getting your ProperFocus due to the heavy demand of the product across the globe.

Why ProperFocus?

Out of all of the products available in the market, there are multiple reasons why you should go for ProperFocus. 

First of all, it is easy to use and easy to wear glasses. You do not need to carry multiple glasses when you have ProperFocus with you. Put on your ProperFocus and you are ready to shine!

Secondly, there is no need to spend your hard-earned money on making charges of glasses and optometrist appointments. You can use the adjustable power feature of ProperFocus to correct your fluctuating vision that may be a result of any problem of old-age.

Thirdly, ProperFocus is the only adjustable lens that allows you to fix different powers for different eyes. If you are having a vision problem in a single eye only, ProperFocus is an ideal solution for you.

Fourthly, ProperFocus is an affordable solution that saves your time and money instead of paying for multiple appointments. Who needs to visit the doctor when you have ProperFocus with you?

ProperFocus is made up of high-quality lenses that are durable and do not require specialized maintenance. Use and keep ProperFocus and it is as simple as this. The ease of use and multiple benefits of ProperFocus makes it a top choice for all of the persons facing vision problems.

How does it work?

Any magical or highly-acclaimed product arise the curiosity in the public about its working. What is it inside the product’s working that makes it so special and affordable as well? Let us check the right way to use ProperFocus before going to its working.

  1. Put on ProperFocus.
  2. Turn the dial or the adjusting screw on the side of ProperFocus until you get the correct vision.
  3. You are good to go!

No more tantrums, just simple working is the motto of ProperFocus. You have to wear it like other glasses, adjust the power, and that is it!

It works on dual sliding lens technology. So you are using 2 lenses in the place of single-lens as present in your normal specs. The adjustable screw helps in sliding these lens plates up to the level both combines to deliver a correct vision to your eyes.

This is the reason behind the versatility and smooth functioning of ProperFocus. The smooth sliding of double lenses enables you to use the same ProperFocus for reading and regular work as well. So no more carrying of specs, have a ProperFocus and your life is sorted!

Rating and Reviews:

ProperFocus manages to score a top 5-star rating based on its use by our team. The customers of ProperFocus share highly positive reviews about the product.

One Customer terms ProperFocus as a versatile product that eliminates the use of different lenses or specs for different purposes of reading or driving. He is in his 60’s and thanks ProperFocus for allowing him to enjoy his life without any problem in vision, unlike his friends who need to visit an optometrist, again and again, owing to old age and its effects on eyesight.

Another user of ProperFocus says that it has not only corrected her vision but is easy to use and lightweight. There is no problem with placing and forgetting different specs at various places. It is stylish and does not make her look like an aging person rather blends easily with her personality. She wears ProperFocus daily and strongly recommends it to others!

The other user of ProperFocus thanks ProperFocus for saving his money that was used in paying multiple visits to the optometrist and the endless need to correct the power of lenses. He can adjust the power of ProperFocus with the adjusting screw and enjoys the clarity in his vision.

ProperFocus Price

The cost price of ProperFocus is 8665INR, but the company offers it at an amazing discount of 50% off and you can own a single ProperFocus at 4332INR only. Isn’t it amazing? If not, wait for the bulk-buying offers of ProperFocus.

ProperFocus is available at heavy discounts in case you are looking to buy multiple units as well. You can get 2 ProperFocus worth 8664INR in 6535INR only. Thus you enjoy discounts of more than 50%. You can own 3 ProperFocus worth 12996INR in a mind-blowing offer at 8004INR only under the buy 2 get 2 free offer of the company. Looking to buy 4 units of ProperFocus, avail the discounted package at 9472INR in the place of 17328INR. You can also avail of the buy 3 get 2 free offers on ProperFocus by owning 5 sets of ProperFocus at just 10941 INR! This is what is called a heavy discount!

Where to Buy?

Searching for an ideal place to buy your ProperFocus? It is strongly recommended to buy ProperFocus from its official website only. ProperFocus is a popular product and chances are high that there may be counterfeit similar-looking products in the market.

In addition to the heavy discounts of ProperFocus, the company offers free delivery to your location. So mo more worrying about the postage and handling charges! You can extend the warranty of your ProperFocus up to 3 years as well.


Our sensory organs are one of the most important parts of your body. ProperFocus is a trusted product in improving your sense of vision. You may have damaged your eyes but with ProperFocus in the house, you do not need to worry about the remedy. It is an affordable, effective, and universal solution for correcting your vision.

Your eyes are precious so as your vision! Thinking about going to an optometrist? Grab a ProperFocus for you and enjoy the specialized vision correction at your place!

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