PlayBeatz Review – Price, Benefits, Works or Not / Worth Buying?

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Tired of detangling your earphones every time you take it out from your pocket and bag? Whether you want to have your cardio and workout without the annoying cables disturbing you, or if you are a college student who just wants to pop in these earbuds during boring hours or if you are a music lover who enjoys high sound quality or if you are simply a tech freak who wants to try any latest innovation in the tech world. Then the PlayBeatz Earbuds is what you need!


PlayBeatz Earbuds are special wireless Bluetooth in-ear earphones that are compatible with both the android and IOS. These earbuds look like the classic iPhone Airpods but cost less than half of the latter’s price. These wireless earbuds are an innovation in the field of earphones and their increasing popularity can be attributed to their high quality and affordable prices.

What Makes The PlayBeatz Earbuds Different?

PlayBeatz earphones are obviously very different from other earphones and there are not only one but a plethora of reasons for the same. Earlier the only two types of earphones available were either the wired earbuds which you could directly connect to your phones, laptops or other devices via its wire or the huge wired or wireless headphones which undoubtedly were too inconvenient to wear in public gave you an odd look.

And of course, both of them were not suitable to be worn during your gym sessions and heavy exercises. One jump or one bend and boom your wired earbuds/ headphones are out!

But with the advent of the PlayBeatz Earbuds, you can now have wireless Bluetooth earbuds which are small, convenient and handy to use. Their perfect fitting in the ear accompanied by their strong bass and clarity is bound to become everybody’s favorite.

You can do your rigorous workouts, aerobics, dance sessions and any other exercise without the fear of dislocating your earphones. And you can just put it in at anytime anywhere without giving looking odd. Moreover, its compatibility with every device makes it a boon.

Though there are a lot of wireless earphones available in the market the quality of PlayBeatz Earbuds is unmatched.

Features Of PlayBeatz Earbuds

The main distinguishing features of the PlayBeatz earbuds which make them different are that-

  • They are wireless.
  • They can be connected to phones, laptops, iPad, tabs or any device via Bluetooth.
  • They have a perfect shape that fits into your ears.
  • They come in a small electronic box that is chargeable along with a charging cable.
  • They require regular charging every few hours depending upon the use.

Technical Facts Of PlayBeatz Earbuds

It is quite surprising that PlayBeatz has always been considered to be one of the finest gadgets worldwide. The most important factor behind it is none other than the technical features associated with PlayBeatz earbuds. The technical facts about the PlayBeatz earbuds are that-

  • They are compatible with both Android and IOS.
  • They can be connected to almost any device like phones, laptops, iPad, etc.
  • The Bluetooth radius at which it works is within 10m.
  • It requires a charging time of 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • The charging is retained for up to 100 hours if left unused.
  • After charging them to the full, it can be used uninterrupted to 3-4 hours.
  • The battery capacity of the charging box is almost 500mAh
  • Their Bluetooth version is 5.0 (which is the same as the iPhone Airpods)
  • They are extremely lightweight as they weigh just 4.7 g each.
  • The Bluetooth frequency is 2.4 GHz.
  • Integrated Microphone which helps you to make or receive calls as without having to disconnect them.

How Do The PlayBeatz Earbuds Work?

Once you buy the PlayBeatz earbuds, you need to pair them with your device via Bluetooth. This pairing is needed only for the first time, after that the earbuds will automatically get paired every time you switch it on.

The small lights on the earbuds continuously blink to indicate that they are on.

Once the earbuds get paired to your device you can also see a small icon on the top right corner of your screen which indicates the battery percentage of the earbuds. as the battery percentage decreases, you will receive an audio message saying “low battery” before switching off.

The low battery percentage is also indicated by red lights on the earbuds.

Note: Always make sure to disconnect and switch off the earbuds after every use to prevent battery drainage.

The earbuds have a small power button each to switch on and switch off the earbuds.

PlayBeatz Price

The PlayBeatz comes in various price can get a pair for almost as low as 39.99- 49.99$ as the starting range. You may also receive several discounts if you buy more than one set of these earbuds.

Though they are more expensive than the regular wired earphones, they are much cheaper than the original Apple Airpods. And considering their features, quality and long-lasting life, they are a reasonable buy.

From Where To Buy PlayBeatz Earbuds?

The original PlayBeatz earbuds can only be purchased through the official PlayBeatz website. Here you can buy from 1-5 sets of PlayBeatz at various discounts depending upon the number of sets you buy.

The number of sets you buy the lower is the price that you will have to pay. The payment has to be made online via net banking i.e. credit cards like VISA, American Express, Mastercard, etc or through payment apps like PayPal..

You also have to pay additional shipping costs. However, it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Note: PlayBeatz Earbuds can only and only be purchased on the official website from the manufacturer. Other websites that may offer PlayBeatz Earbuds are fake or duplicate.

Cons Of PlayBeatz Earbuds

There are no major cons or disadvantages of PlayBeatz earbuds but here are a few points which you might want to take into consideration before buying them-

  • The need to charge them regularly. And only 3-4 hours of usage after charging.
  • Since the earphones are tiny separate pods the chances of misplacing either one of the pods is very high. So you have to make sure that you always put both the pods back in the charging box immediately after use.
  • If you forget to switch them off or disconnect them from the Bluetooth, their battery is easily drained.
  • They are only available online and are to be purchased through an online payment. They do not have an option of COD (Cash on Delivery) and also charge extra as shipping charges.

PlayBeatz Reviews

The popularity of PlayBeatz earbuds is evident enough to show customer satisfaction. The internet is filled with positive reviews about the product.

Several music lovers have praised the sound quality, clarity and the strong bass of the earphones. One customer states that the PlayBeatz earbuds are a treat to the ears, from slow music to hard-core rock, it gives you wonderful listening experience.

Many people have expressed their happiness and stated how much more comfortable it is as compared to wired headphones, especially when they are hitting the Gym. Another lady states, that as she is a busy painter and has to continuously keep running around the gallery, the wireless earphones put her at ease by setting her free from the annoying cables of regular earphones.

Another user who was tired of buying new earphones that stopped working in just 2-3 months, was extremely content with the quality of the PlayBeatz earbuds as he had been using it for quite a few months now without any problems!

However, a few reviews on the negative side were mostly dissatisfied with the need to frequently charge the earphones and also that the fully-charged earphones worked uninterrupted for only a small time of 3-4 hours.

Another user complained as to how he thought that the earbuds were too easy to fall from your ear and get misplaced when you aren’t using them. However, the sound quality is really good and if you are not really a careless human being, nothing’s better than the PlayBeatz website.

A few customers were also not very happy with the additional shipping charges that they had to pay when they purchased the product from the PlayBeatz website. However, most of the reviews and feedbacks were on the positive side.

Final Verdict Of PlayBeatz Earbuds

After taking all the points and aspects into account it can be rightly said that the PlayBeatz earbuds are worth a buy! With its affordable prices, high quality and convenient design, it is a great deal for anyone. Besides the PlayBeatz Earbuds also has various offers and discounts which will reduce the price further.

And the number of sets you buy the more discount you get, so I would suggest you place an order not just for yourself, but also for your friends and family! You must never give a second thought while intending to purchase PlayBeatz Earbuds.

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