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OxyBreath Pro Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Each day we come across so many pollutants that can be malignant to our respiratory organs and can harm its normal functioning. There are plenty of unseen microbes strolling in the air that we breathe and unaware of this fact; we allow these pollutants to enter our body.

Well, you can save yourself from these viruses and bacteria by covering your face with an N95 mask like OxyBreath Pro. This mask offers five layer protection against the PM 2.5 and PM 0.3 pollutant microbes that hinders the smooth functioning of the vital respiratory organs.

OxyBreath Pro

This helps by offering ideal protection against cold and is waterproof too. It can also shield you from the exhaust fumes and fine dust particles even during a heavy rain shower. Its breathing valve is built with 3.0 technology and is fabricated with nanotechnology

What is OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath is a protective mask that can keep you away from unwanted microbes that enter the lungs through mouth and nostril. It is a special N95 mask that is 100% effective against the disease causing microorganisms. This is an easy to wear mask, which can be worn over along with the spectacles and sunglasses.  OxyBreath Pro is fabricated with a skin friendly material that causes no irritation and keeps the infections at bay.

This is a 5 layer mask that protects the internal system by covering the entrance points of the disease, causing microbes and viruses by covering the mouth and nose. We are well aware of the fact that dust and smoke particles are present in the environment in abundance, and they are exceedingly malevolent for the respiratory system. These pollutants affect the normal functioning of the vital respiratory organs and lead to diseases. So, as they say, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and hence it is smarter to use OxyBreath Pro mask.

Why to use OxyBreath Pro?

In our daily life, we come across a lot of people and objects. Unaware of the fact that they might be the carriers of some harmful microbes, we come in physical contact with these peoples and objects. So, wearing an N95 mask like OxyBreath can break the chain of transmission and save you from infections.

Also, we are always surrounded by intoxicated environment. There are millions of dust and smoke particles in the air that we breathe. These unwanted guests enter our body and cause terror. A preventive measure like OxyBreath Pro is the best option to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

Technical Facts

  • Product Name: Valve Mask
  • Filter effect: 95 percent or more
  • Function: Anti-fog, anti-PM2.5, anti-poll, anti-dust, trend, anti-road violence.
  • Size: approx. 27×14 cm
  • Breathing valve available
  • Breathing valve: new 3.0
  • Protection level: KN95

Features of OxyBreath Pro

This face mask is boosted with nanotechnology and is a protective shield against many micro enemies. Its high quality attribute makes it the first choice of many people. Some of the significant features of OxyBreath are enlisted here. Have a look at them.

  • Easy to wear:  Unlike the knot masks, it is made with the feature of an elastic band that can be worn over the ear or the backhead. You can remove and wear it whenever you need, and you can do this by yourself.
  • 5 Protective layers: This methodically designed N95 mask has 5 layers which means 5 times more protection from the evil microbes. Despite its thickness, it is not at all difficult to breathe while putting it on.
  • Skin-friendly : The OxyBreath Pro mask is fabricated with the best quality polyurethane fabric that is durable and even filters the minute particles. The manufacturers had made sure that it causes no irritation or itching and therefore, has opted for the best material to make this N95 mask.
  • Covers mouth and nose: You mouth and nose are the entry point of microbes that causes disease. They often transmit from an infected person to our body and makes us infectious too. In this way, the chain of transmission grow and sometimes go out of control. So, mask like this prevents you from this transmission.
  • Easy to carry: It is so lightweight and portable that you can easily snug it inside your handbags, pockets or even gym bags. It is crucial to wear this at any place that has a crowd and especially while you are on the roads amid the pollution.
  • Unisex and suitable for all age group: The disease causing microbes can hit anybody, irrespective of the age group and hence it is an essential tool for everyone. it goes well with the people of all age groups and gender.
  • Fit for daily use: Wearing OxyBreath Pro while driving, riding, or walking on the roads has become the need of the hour. You can put on this mask every day when you step out of house. It causes no side effects, breathlessness, or itching.
  • Reusable: Unlike those one-time usable masks, it can be reused.  This saves you from the task of buying and stocking them often.
  • Breathing valve: A breathing valve prevents the accumulation of moisture and enhances the exhaling capability. Most of the mask users complaints about the unavailability of these breathing valves, therefore the makers of OxyBreath Pro had provided with the best quality valve.
  • Washable: It can washed and reused again since it is economical friendly. You can wash it by hands or in the washing machine. T is advised to dry it in the sun for better hygiene.


OxyBreath is highly preferred by many people as it is packed with ample benefits that attracts its users. Before heading out to buy any Product, we all want to know about the advantages that we can avail, so here is a list that gives you all the reasons to invest your money in buying OxyBreath Pro mask:

  1. Reusable
  2. Unisex
  3. Five layer Protection
  4. Skin friendly
  5. Breathable
  6. Captures minute particles.
  7. Dust free filter
  8. Effective against PM 2.5 and PM 0.3 pollution particles.
  9. Covers the entire mouth and nose
  10. Prevents from allergies, cold and bacteria.
  11. Washable


  1. Available in one size and color
  2. Only available at the official website of the manufacturer

OxyBreath Pro Price and Availability

OxyBreath Pro can be bought over only from the official website of the manufacturer. You have to visit the website and fill out a form. After placing the order you will receive a confirmation message with your order ID. The company promises to deliver the order within a few business days and also deals in international shipping. It offers great discounts and deals for bulk orders. So it can be beneficial if you want to distribute it amongst your office staff.

The company offers free worldwide shipment and a three year warranty by paying an additional amount. It is important to stay safe from the imitations that are sold over some eCommerce websites. It also offers an additional piece on buying 2 and 3 units.

OxyBreath Pro Test

It has undergone many tests and trials and had successfully passed. The manufacturers had designed it for universal use and had used skin friendly material to make it more breathable and comfortable than other masks available in the market. This protective mask also offers ideal Protection against cold and is even water Proof. So you can wear it on rainy days too. Due to its 5 five layers, the protective mask offers ideal protection against fine dust and bacteria or viruses.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

The OxyBreath Pro mask has been ordered regularly by people from different parts of the world because of its efficient working and Protection against the microbes. They are happy with the fact that now they can carry it anywhere and put it on their own. Most people who are allergic to pollution, find it of the greatest use as they roam freely on the roads.

The maximum number of users have given it 4 to 5 stars and are delighted enough to recommend it to their acquaints. Some people use it while driving or going to the office on buses or trains since these places are most Prone to transmission.

Final Verdict

It is a fact that we are living in an era of poisonous components.  These pollutants damage your respiratory system and also cause breathing problems. So, the best preventive measure against this is an N95 mask like OxyBreath Pro that Proffers five layer Protection. You can put on this mask every day when you step out of the house. It causes no side effects, breathlessness, or itching.

This is available only at the official website of the manufacturer and is delivered with free international shipping.  This filtering mask can be worn in two ways: the first way is to wear it like a spectacle over the ears. Secondly, it can be worn around the backhead, whatever feels comfortable to you. The material of this mask is tested in the labs for many days and hence causes no irritation.  It does not suffocate you or damage skin in any way. 

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