Oshen Watch Luxe Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Are you fancying for a smartwatch for long but aren’t able to save enough? Well, this is a longing for most of the millennials out there who are knocking all the doors to get a cheap yet sassy smartwatch. So, put an end to your search and get ready to strap on your first smartwatch.

Oshen Watch Luxe

Today we have got you a dream product that can save you a lot of pence. Yes, guys, we are talking about Oshen Watch Luxe. Want to know more about it? Just scroll down and read all that you should know before you buy it.

What is Oshen Watch Luxe?

Oshen Watch Luxe is a smartwatch that is made on the idea of bringing affordable and low-cost smartwatches in the market. It is developed by Strong Current Enterprises Limited. It is a multi-functional watch with a sturdy body that can last you long.

Also, it is not like the boring watches that are worn by nerds; it is instead a classy and sassy watch that is made with an elegant design to go along with all your outfits.

The company takes pride in introducing the best in class and the most affordable smartwatch that is benefited with an aluminium shell and HD retina display that sets a benchmark amongst the marketers. You can synchronize it with your android and iOS smartphones and connect to the world like never before.

It is a great choice to show off at your gym. It helps in keeping the count of steps that you walked and the calories that you burnt. So, it is a great fitness tracker that can keep you boosted all day long. 

Also, you can set a comfort button on your life with it. Now, you can send and read texts through this smartwatch. There is no need to take the phone out of your pocket again and again.

Just put the straps on and rule the world with this digital secret. The manufacturer already has an unbeatable range of other functionalities, so you can be sure of the quality and invest your money on buying this excellent piece of technology.

Why should you wear Oshen Watch Luxe?

You can wear it if you travel a lot. It can help you to respond to messages and attend calls without actually taking out the phone from your pocket. 

If you want to sustain a healthy lifestyle, then buying this can help you achieve your goal. It keeps a track record of the number of steps that you took in the entire day. This way, you can set a daily goal, and achieving it can make you delighted.

If you are asked by your doctor to measure your blood pressure and heart rate regularly, then it is better to spend your money on buying this multi-purpose watch instead of buying BP machines. The accuracy of the heart and blood pressure rate is top-notch. You can rely on this to keep track of your health.

Who can use this product?

Well, the best part about this product is that it can be used by anyone. Everyone can find something useful in this. There is no specific age or profession that is strung with it. If you are an athlete, then it is an excellent option for you, but if you are a businessman, then it is equally beneficial for you too. This is a unisex watch, so you can even share and wear to reap the most out of it.

Significant features of Oshen Watch Luxe

  1. Heart rate monitoring
  2. Blood pressure measurement
  3. Color large screen
  4. Waterproof
  5. Counts number of steps
  6. Has a sleep mode
  7. Monitors the calorie intake
  8. Alarm reminder
  9. Allows you to attend incoming calls
  10. QQ WeChat display
  11. Bracelet lookup
  12. Long battery life

General features of Oshen Watch Luxe

  • Ready to go: It does not require any battery. You can use it for 96 hours, once charged fully. It can be charged using the micro USB cable that comes along with it.
  • Easily accessible: Whether you use an android phone or an Apple phone. It is compatible with both of them. You can sync it without any complications. For proper guidance, you will be supported by a quick learning guide book.
  • Wear it anytime, anywhere: Being a smartwatch, it is not restricted to just worn by athletes and sportspersons. Anyone can choose to wear it to whichever pace they want. It won’t end up looking weird, like wearing a gold watch in gyms.
  • Elegant design: It is styled in a way that it suits all your outfits. You can wear it for the sports meet and then head straight for your board meetings without worrying about removing it.

How does the Oshen Watch work?

This newly launched smartwatch is well equipped with all the high-quality sensors to keep track of heart rate, blood pressure, and send you the report on your android or IOS device. You can connect it with any device via Bluetooth and also facilitate yourself on roads with a navigation system that is pre-installed in it.

Choice of colours available

Unlike other smartwatches that are mostly available in one style and colour, Oshen Watch Luxe has options for you.

  • Brown leather strap
  • Black leather strap
  • Black metallic strap
  • Grey metallic strap

You can make choices for the individual set of watches you order. This is applicable for bulk orders too.

Benefits of buying Oshen Watch Luxe

Oshen Watch Luxe is packed with so much goodness that it is loved by all the buyers. If you want to continue or begin with a healthy lifestyle, then buying this can help you achieve your goal. It keeps a track record of the number of steps that you took in the entire day.

This way, you can set a daily goal, and achieving it can make you delighted. Here are all the benefits that can help you make your mind.

  • Pedometer:  pedometer shows you how active you have been throughout the day. It keeps a record of the calorie intake and the calories burnt. So it helps by giving you a daily agenda to maintain your body weight by burning the same number of calories that you took in the entire day.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: You can connect it with other devices via Bluetooth. It comes with a quick guide that can brief you about the synchronization process. You can combine it with android and iOS smartphones. Not only this, but it can be connected with smart TVs and laptops.
  • Heart rate sensors: It displays the rate at which your heart is beating.
  • Blood pressure monitoring: If your blood sugar level fluctuates often, then this is a must-buy for you. It keeps track of your blood pressure so that you can maintain good health.
  • Heavy discounts: The manufacturer offers a heavy discount if you buy the watches in bulk. You can enjoy up to a 50% discount if you buy it from the official site.
  • High-quality leather: Despite being an affordable smartwatch, it has high-quality leather because it is made with the idea of providing a durable device to the people. Also, it has colour variants that you can choose while placing the order. You can choose different colours if you are buying them in bulk.

With so many benefits infused in it, you can never repent buying this watch. It can be shared too since it is a unisex watch.

Drawbacks of buying Oshen Watch Luxe

It has got a few drawbacks, but the long list of benefits can overshadow them wholly.

  • Though it is waterproof and can bear all the harsh weather, it is not resistant to hot water. So, make sure you take good care of this fact.
  • Since the product is in high demand, it goes out of stock frequently.

Where to buy?

You can buy this watch only from the official site of the manufacturer. It is not available on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. But still, there are many sites that are selling the imitated versions of this smartwatch; therefore, it is better to buy it from a trusted source like the official website.

The company is offering a discount of 50%, which runs all the time. You can buy one watch for $109 and a set of three watches for $ 247.  Also, you can opt for different colours and straps if you are placing a bulk order.  You can enjoy 30 days of free shipping around the world.

Exchange and return policy

You can get it returned or exchanged, but there are specific terms and conditions. Here you go with them.

  • It can be returned or exchanged within 30 days that starts from the date of delivery.
  • At the time of return, you have to show a copy of the receipt that you will get at the time of delivery.
  • The watch must be in its original state.

Customers’ Reviews and Recommendations

Maximum buyers are satisfied with the product. You can read the genuine testimonials submitted by the buyers over the official site. They are delighted with the fact that it a unisex product and they can share it with their friends and family members.

With this, they can keep control of their calorie intake since they are aware of the numbers. Many fitness freaks are using it at their gym or jogging time so as to keep track of the number of steps taken by them. Most of the buyers have happily submitted 4 to 5 stars.

Final Verdict

Oshen Watch is one of the most easily accessible and high featured smartwatches that is available at a low price as compared to its competitors. Customers have given a positive response towards Oshen Watch Luxe, which shows their trust and love for the product that can be functioned variously.

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