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MUAMA Enence is a small computer that acts as a translator. It can be used to translate any language into the target language. It has 40 language translations available as for now. This is the best device to carry on business trips or any other foreign travels where you can easily translate from one language to another fluently and flawlessly.

MUAMA Enence allows you to connect with people from different backgrounds who might not speak your mother tongue. You just need this product with you and you can talk to anyone anywhere very perfectly. It has been known to be very fluent in almost 40 major communication languages all over the world with minimum grammatical mistakes.

Product Details

The MUAMA Enence language translator comes generally in a white colored rectangular shape. It has a microphone included in it in which you can simply record the required translation and with its talkback feature, the target language translation would be spoken back at you.

MUAMA Enence

This product is very handy and thus can be taken outside of your household premises. Its size is as big as your mobile phones and you can just carry it around in your pockets like anything.

It also has a good battery life which lasts for almost four whole days. This ensures that you need not worry about charging the device while you are traveling or on flights. It can translate into 40 different languages including Hebrew, Indonesian, Arabic, Malay, and many more.

How Does It Work?

The working of this product is again really simple and accessible for everyone. All you have to do is just select the two languages you want to translate from and into.

 After you have done that, you just have to click on the ‘A’ button and start speaking the content. It can be just a word or even a long sentence, MUAMA does it all correctly. So when you have finished talking, release the button. With that, the device would give out the translation in the target language.

For your counterpart to speak to you, the same procedure has to be followed. He has to speak while holding on to the ‘B’ button and release it when done. The device would then give you the response.

The translator takes about 1.5 seconds (in real-time) to give out the results in the target language.


This little language translator works wonders when you are using it. It is most beneficial for commercial usage where people from across the globe have to meet for conferences and seal the deals. In such conditions, a language translator is a great product for anyone.

It is a really handy tool for language translations. It comes in a very small size which is very convenient to carry even in your pockets. It can be carried on a flight and everywhere you go. It is even more compact than your regular mobile phones.

It can also be used by people with visual impairments. It is so easy to use and thus has a lot of benefits. For people who are visually challenged, this tool is a great accessible solution for language translations.

The product is very robust and takes very little time to translate the sentences into the target language.

One of its major benefits is that it is user-friendly. It has a very easy working and it can be used to translate 40 different languages. It is better than any other online translators or other software.

MUAMA Enence is the best product for anyone who wishes to learn new languages as well. You do not need to type every word in the required font for translating the language. You just simply have to talk and get your target language results.

Any drawbacks?

There are no drawbacks of using this product. For MUAMA Enence, it is just a great experience for the users and nothing else. This product has a ton of pros but it just has this one con that it needs to be used while a smartphone is nearby.

Also, even with the high-quality audio and redefined speech, you need to be careful if you are working with a person who has a thick accent. The device might not deliver the same results if the voices are slightly muffled and if there are long pauses in between. Due to certain wrong inputs, the device translates the sentences into some completely weird meaning in the target language.

When to use?

There is no particular time for using this product. Because of its convenience, you can bring this device with you anywhere. It would easily fit in your pockets even if you are out for some outdoor meetings or just a normal vacation abroad.


You can not term the results of a product by just looking at it without any hands-on experience with the product itself. This product is very trusted as you can find various positive reviews on the official website of this product. It is very useful for translations into the major languages available. Its results are very convincing and you honestly do not need anything else to trust this product.

It is very important as you don’t need to remember the phrases and idioms from each and every language anymore. This language translator will do it all for you. A normal translating device has undergone a huge innovation and this mind-blowing product has been created.

Is It Recommended?

Yes! Absolutely. If you are a business traveler or just any traveler in general, this device is like just made for you. It is totally recommended for you if you are frequently connecting with people from different language cultures. This product also includes different versions of English. So you need not even bother about translating into an accent. You just need to take care of thick accents while recording.

This is the best product for you even if you are not traveling a lot. This is also beneficial for anyone who is not in the traveling industry but just stays at the hometown and loves to connect to other people traveling from different countries.

MUAMA Enence Price

This product is comparatively very cheaper considering all of its Perks and features. It costs only $89.00. Although one of its drawbacks is that this product is only available online from its official website. Not that it is not available from other websites, but it is recommended that you buy MUAMA Enence from the website of its manufacturer to avoid fake products.

The original retail price of this product is $178.00. However, you get many 50-60% discounts on the official website if you catch it on time. Also, you do not need to worry if the product is not satisfactory. There is also a 60 days return guarantee from the manufacturer. But to avail of all of these benefits, it is necessary for you to reach the official website of the product only.


So as a final verdict, MUAMA Enence is at large the best product for translating into various languages. It has been tested and experimented in opposition to all the other online and device translators and it has been second to none. It is the best option for travelers traveling for business purposes and meeting different people from different backgrounds.

This is a new and improved technology for language translations. All the major languages are involved in the translator device. It could also be used in your home countries to meet new foreign visitors and if you are a travel guide or into the travel industry, there is no better product for you than this. It is a product that will give you the best results with very low time and at a very low cost.

You don’t even need to go through language courses anymore and spend your time and money there to learn a language just for the sake of communication. MUAMA Enence gives you the best experience of language translations with such a user-friendly feature and a compact device. If you are thinking of purchasing this product you should do it right away and avail the benefits form the official website of MUAMA Enence.

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