Mindinsole Reviews – Price, Benefits, Works or Not?

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Mindinsole is a scientifically and strategically designed product that gives your feet an entirely different experience. It is created in such a way that it relieves almost 12 large acupressure points, 120 medium acupressure points, and 270 micro acupressure points in your feet releasing your entire body pain.

It changes your aggressive reactions to an external stimulus into calm and good energy. It is made by keeping in view our regular day to day activities and built in such a way that it keeps your feet cool and dry despite the stress or sweat.

Mindinsole is a great way to begin your health care. You literally just have to wear it every day and it will give you tons of health benefits along with internal and external care.

Product Details

This product is a clinically proven tool for better stress relief and for soothing overall body pain. It fits both men and women and can be worn with different kind of shoes and multiple shoes at that. It includes strategically placed 5 cooling magnets which also help in relieving the stress from feet and to help in cooling, soothing and boosting endurance.

These magnets tend to keep your feet cool and prevent sweatiness. It consists of 400 different sized nodes which give your feet a great massaging effect. It uses air wick technology and has a design that facilitates airflow. Many similar designs have been used by other products as well, but with the natural mixture of Mindinsole, it has created a better version of cooling your feet.


These are special foot insoles that press the exact acupuncture points while you walk. Dr. Feinberg was the driving force behind this invention. He is a decorated Army Fight Medic and is popular for helping retired veterans enjoy more pain-free movement.

He discovered from his research that acupuncture on specific parts of the feet can relieve pain in the long run without having to consume any sort of drugs or medicines. He tested acupuncture on various soldiers and the results were incredible, though he couldn’t keep pressing those points all day long. Hence, he came up with Mind Insole.

These are medically proven to relieve hip pain, knee pain, and joint pain. This technology also improves blood flow to keep your heart healthy. It massages key areas with massage points and special magnets. It is scientifically designed with 400 massage points for each foot.

The distributions go as follows-12 large acupoints for your foot’s arch, 120 medium acupoints for general massage and soothing, 270 micro acupoints for increasing circulation, 5 cooling magnets for producing gentle magnetic waves. They produce natural magnetic fields and also a cooling, soft effect due to the smooth stones. They boost endurance and keep your feet dry and cool. The 3 magnetics stones have specific features- the upper one is directed towards the chakra of personal power; the core arch is directed towards the chakra of body functions and the lower sole is directed towards the chakra of the body. Mindinsole helps its users age well.

It can be bought online or from any retailing shops near you which sell this item. However, it is preferred that you buy this product from its official website as there are multiple discounts continuously going on for you.


There are many ingredients which perform their magic when mixed together in this product. It has the strategically placed natural magnets which actually work in keeping your feet cool.

It has many acupressure and massage points that keep your feet relaxed at all times.

It combines the natural ingredients with Ayurveda creating a great product for solving all your problems.

How Does It Work?

Its working is really easy and you need not do anything complicated for it to start.

So basically Mindinsole starts working right away after you put it in your shoes. It comes with an already marked guideline using which you can cut the insole according to your shoe sizes. The best part about this is that, it is customizable as you can cut it for yourself and that you can wear it everyday. It fits both men and women alike and can be wore in multiple shoes.

It is said to work with the acupoints in your body just by altering the 400 points in your feet.

When the time comes, you can clean this product using lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Have Mindinsole air dried up and only then can you start using it again.

It causes no harmful side effects to your feet. It does not hurt you in anyway. Moreover, the product has no expiry date so I guess you can pretty much use it until it is completely worn out.


It has a really healthy change in your body. Mindinsole provides you with a soothing aura and sharp but on instincts. It is also said that the naturally made magnets also tend to have an effect on the Chakras from your body.

It is customizable and you can wear it in different kind of shoes. You can wear it literally everyday.

Mindinsole is also easy to wash and reusable. All you have to do is clean it up and use it again like its all new.

These insoles are also known to help in gaining or losing weight. It can create a natural balance in your body and also make a perfect balance between your body and your mind.

Back pains, muscle pains and sore feet are the common problem every day improper feet care. Mindinsole prevents this swell.

It continuously flushes important toxins in your body all-new improves your blood circulation. This is what leads to the maximum benefit derived from Mindinsole.

Using normal silicon insoles in your shoes can make your feet sweaty which then eventually leads to other feet ailments (common ones are the Athlete’s foot and sore muscles) which is why you should use the natural formula of Mindinsole which has an airflow design and uses the air – wick technology which really helps your feet to stay cool and prevents sweating despite rigorous activity.

The price discounts and other money-back guarantees are just enough reasons to buy these.


It has been tested and approved by many of the users. It has been given positive reviews from all around the world. The product seems to work its magic. All the natural components combined through Mindinsole have created a great amalgamation of relief, body balance and mind relaxation. There are many similar products available in the market nowadays but I assure you that you will surely not find a better product with better results.

There are so many testimonials of real users of Mindinsole on the official website of this product. You surely do not need anything else to trust this. You can make sure by searching for all the other critical analyses and reviews on the internet as well.

Is It Recommended?

Yes! It is absolutely recommended. You can find numerous benefits of this product on the internet and all the websites. If you frequently get aching feet, athlete’s feet, sore muscles, back pains, or just overall discomfort because of any shoes, you should surely try Mindinsole for your feet. It will surely give you a different and healthy experience creating a soothing aura around you making you feel better and relaxed instantly.

It has been tested and researched thoroughly that the acupressure points that are massaged by the Mindinsole work in the same way when they are manually massaged and the same effects follow. So if you want you can also seek official recommendations from your physicians before you invest your money.

Mindinsole  Price

It’s the price is a bit higher when compared to all of its other competitors. But like it has been said already, Mindinsole is one of its kind. No other products can match the natural ability to work on this product. It’s the price is high but you will find that it’s completely worth it.

There are so many benefits of the product apart from what just the eyes can see. The product gives you tons of medical health benefits that internally make you healthier and better just by altering the working of your feet.

The price of this product is varying from website to website. Some websites price the product for 10$ while others have it at 38$. However, it is recommended that you purchase this product only from the official website to avoid counterfeits. Many other websites can charge you higher amounts and will place fake products too.

The official website also provides you with a 100% money-back guarantee if the product turns out to be unsatisfactory. You can also avail of a 50% discount on your first orders and on other sales on multiple occasions if you catch them on time. You will also get free shipping on your deliveries. But all these benefits could only be availed if you buy Mindinsole from its official website.


Mindinsole is the best product you can try on and the best option you will ever resort to for solving your issues regarding feet. You will not have any of the feet problems or any problems caused to other body parts which actually originate from your feet if you keep using Mindinsole.

You will not regret using Mindinsole at all and it will cause you no harm and only a healthy body. It will quite literally, give you ‘wellness with every step’. It gives you not only the benefits from body aches and everything but also keeps you spiritually calm and otherwise stress-free.

 Your feet will also really appreciate if they get the daily massages from Mindinsole. All of your sore muscles and back pains were just gone in the air, no more sweaty feet and a perfectly balanced physical and mental body. It is like a dream that you can bring true. Just go to the official website of Mindinsole and get it right now for a 50% discount!

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