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Smartwatches are the new fashion. These little electronic devices go that extra mile than only showing the date and time to you. Patek Philippe had never thought that after some years his basic wristwatch will be modulated to such extent and will be best known as smartwatches.

Do you know that the wristwatch took around 132 years to transform into a smartwatch? Isn’t it weird? Yes, it is! One sure thing is the need for the wristwatches that have now gone beyond the basic definition of delivering accurate time and a signal of professionalism just like the mobile phone.

Expecting higher than usual is another reason for the inventions of the latest gadgets. Do you know that now common wristwatches were originally invented for women only as men at that time preferred to have pocket watches only? Thanks to the evergreen evolution to the wristwatches that have grown them into a universal device now! The latest in the family being the smartwatches, let us try to understand a smartwatch first.

What is a Smartwatch?

What does a smartwatch mean to you? A wristwatch that performs more than just the basic functions can be considered as a smartwatch. It can be termed as a wearable computer. It has a touch-screen interface and works on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Starting from the basic operations like calculator, digital time telling, translations, game playing, mobile apps, mobile operating systems, portable media players, FM radio, cellular functionality, making calls, and what not?

Out of all of the smartwatches available in the market, let us have a look at one of the best smartwatch that is Loyal Watch.

Let us try to understand the Loyal Watch first.

What is Loyal Watch?

Loyal Watch is the latest smartwatch that performs the basic functions and can also check body vitals. It has multiple sports mode, can check blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, pedometer, etc. It is stylish to wear and hard on performance.

The basic functions like calculations, time, calendar, and the more complex like body vitals, calling photos, smart connectivity, keeping a check on body vitals, all are within the range of Loyal Watch. In addition to this, you can even change the themes and brightness of your Loyal Watch.

Loyal Watch

So what is it that makes Loyal Watch so special? Let us have a look at its technical specifications:

Technical Specifications of Loyal Watch:

  • It is an all-terrain and all-weather watch.
  • It has high-quality sensors.
  • It has a dial, color, and different modes for customization.
  • It has a full-color display with easy to read graphics.
  • It has an APP that traces hiking trails.
  • It works on Bluetooth 4.0.
  • It is made up of alloy screen glass.

The best products and next-generation technology is the key to the working of Loyal Watch. Let us have a look at the best features of Loyal Watch.

Features of Loyal Watch:

The main features include:

  • It is made up of a hardened aluminum shell and tempered touchscreen glass. Thus Loyal Watch is waterproof and is free from scratches.
  • It has an alarm system and reminders for keeping your schedule up to date.
  • It has a long battery and is free from the fuss of charging again and again.
  • It is highly affordable as it is cheaper than other smartwatches.
  • It synchronizes with a smartphone to make calls, text, take pictures, or control music.
  • It has a sleep monitor, blood pressure monitor, ECG, heart rate, calorie intake counter, pedometer, etc.
  • It has a 1.3” HD display that can be used by old age persons as well.
  • It has an anti-loss feature when connected to the smartwatch.

The best-on-class features with the highly efficient results are synonyms to Loyal Watch. Let us help you to understand how you can simply use your Loyal Watch?

How to use Loyal Watch?

Simply tie Loyal Watch on your wrist, synchronize it with your smartphone and it is good to go! There is no detailed setup required for the operations of Loyal Watch.

Loyal Watch is a universal device that can be used by anyone in the family. All you need to have is a smartphone and it works well with your existing smartphone only. You can use it according to your requirement. Let us check about the working of Loyal Watch.

How does Loyal Watch work?

Loyal Watch has simple functioning. Once synchronized with the smartphone, it uses the sensors that detect the body movements and body vitals. It can display your heart, blood, and oxygen vitals without any error.

You can use Loyal Watch to control the basic functions of calling, messaging, controlling your smartphone camera as well using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity of the device. Let us have a look at the major advantages of Loyal Watch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Loyal Watch:

The major advantages are:

  1. It is stylish and sleek with the latest features.
  2. It can be used by anyone in the family without any hassles.
  3. It is highly durable and is free of scratches, wear, and tear, etc.
  4. It is an ideal smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, sportspersons, etc.
  5. It efficiently calculates all of the body vitals and performs the basic hands-free functions of your smartphone.
  6. It is cheap as compared to the other high-acclaimed expensive smartwatches that do not perform all of the functions as Loyal Watch does independently.

There are no major disadvantages of Loyal Watch except for the following points:

  • Loyal Watch is available online only and you may have to wait for a while before owning a one due to the heavy demand of Loyal Watch.

Loyal Watch Price

The cost price of the Loyal Watch is $99.99. It is available at a special promotional discount offer of 50% and you can own your Loyal Watch in $49.95 only. There are no hefty shipping charges on your Loyal Watch.

In addition to the discount on a single unit of Loyal Watch, you can buy multiple units of Loyal Watch under the special deals of the company:

  • You can buy 2 units of Loyal Watch at $89.95 only which means you get each unit at $44.98 only.
  • You can buy 3 units of Loyal Watch at $119.95 only which means you get each unit at $39.98 only.
  • You can buy 5 units of Loyal Watch at $149.95 only which means you get each unit at $29.99 only.

Loyal Watch is available in 4 different colors. You can get your Loyal Watch in Black and Silver, White, Pink, Black, etc. Performance with style is the motto of Loyal Watch!

Where to buy?

It is recommended to buy your Loyal Watch from the official website only to protect yourself from being the prey of similar-looking cheap counterfeit products. You can choose from the different discount offers of the company.

In addition to the discounts on Loyal Watch, you can extend the warranty of your Loyal Watch for 1 year or 2 years as well. You can get additional original straps of Loyal Watch from the official website as well. All transactions for Loyal Watch are secured with high-level SSL encryption and you can pay from any of the methods available on the website. To take the customer satisfaction experience to the next level, the company offers a 30-days money-back guarantee on Loyal Watch in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

Customer Reviews:

Based on the use of Loyal Watch by our team, we give it a top rating of 5-stars. The users of Loyal Watch also share highly positive reviews about the product.

One customer of Loyal Watch terms it as a value for money product as it can perform all of the functions that are not within the range of the latest smartwatches combined.

Another customer of Loyal Watch terms it as a perfect combination of ideal fitness tracker and a smartwatch. She can carry Loyal Watch to her gym, office, parties, etc. and does not need to worry about wearing the watch according to the occasion.


  • Is Loyal Watch waterproof?

Yes, it is a waterproof smartwatch.

  • What is the battery backup of Loyal Watch?

It has a battery backup of more than 96 hours of regular usage.

  • Can I use Loyal Watch with an Android smartphone?

Loyal Watch works well with Android and iOS-based smartphones.


Loyal Watch is an exemplary combination of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It works smoothly with your existing smartphone, can perform hands-free operations like calling, messaging, etc., a fitness tracker with multiple functions like blood pressure monitor, pedometer, heart rate monitor, oxygen level monitor, etc., and is stylish and durable.

If you are looking for something good for you that will be a value for money, grab a Loyal Watch today!

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