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Do you believe that results are the parameter of the success of an individual? We do not want to make you negative regarding your average or below average results, but how will you rate the progress of your hard work unless you are not aware of the figures?

The same is true for your body health. You may have been spending lots on the regular health checkups and ending up with holes on your body with the syringes. So what is the ideal solution for all of these problems? You can go for smart devices like Fit Bit, fitness trackers that provide the basic vitals of the human body without the need to visit the doctor.

Out of all of the technologically advanced devices available in the market, there is an urgent need to improve the versatility and multi-functionality of the device. The latest devices work on the sensors and are durable. KoreScale is one such fitness device that takes charge of your overall health.

What is KoreScale?

KoreScale is a smart scale that works with biometric sensors. It helps you to monitor the most important health metrics. It works in collaboration with your smartphones and you can get the results in your hand directly!


KoreScale is designed under the guidance of medical professionals. Unlike most of the scales available in the market, it measures more than just your body weight and hence helps you to achieve your body fitness goals. It works on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology and delivers accurate results.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

The features of KoreScale are:

  • It can be easily synchronized with your existing smartphones.
  • It measures accurate Body Mass Index eliminating muscle mass or bone structure mass.
  • It helps you to keep a check on your protein intake level by showing the protein levels in your body.
  • It helps to calculate the exact physical age of the body that is different from the biological age.
  • It helps to get your exact weight.
  • It helps to calculate body fat that helps you to work in the right direction.
  • It helps to calculate water content in our body.
  • It efficiently calculates the muscle mass and bone mass of the body.
  • It helps in calculating the level of fats surrounding the internal organs that are known as visceral fat levels of the body.
  • It helps to check skeletal muscle strength so that you can work slowly or aggressively towards the physical activities.
  • It calculates the basal metabolic rate of the body.
  • It calculates fat-free body weight.

Do you know that the weight shown by the regular weighing scale is not the actual weight of your body? If yes then you require KoreScale that is equipped with high-fi features to help you!

Pros and Cons of KoreScale


The major benefits of using KoreScale include:

  1. It is designed by medical professionals.
  2. It works smoothly with your existing smartphones.
  3. It gets synchronized easily with latest fitness apps like Apple Health, Fit Bit, Google Fit, etc.
  4. It is easy to use and allows you to store your data to keep a record of your health.
  5. There is no need to have additional apps or equipment apart from KoreScale and your smartphone.
  6. It is an instant electronic device that gives results within no lag time.
  7. It is an affordable solution to check multiple body parameters in one go.
  8. It gives 100% accurate reading as it is based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology.
  9. It is a highly durable product as it is made up of high-grade medical materials.
  10. It shows accurate readings as it works on advanced sensors.
  11. It is a universal device and can be used by the whole family.

What to expect out of a highly efficient electronic fitness device like KoreScale?  High efficiency, accurate results, and versatility in operation are the results. You can’t expect a single exercise to work for your whole body but a single device KoreScale encompasses all of the important vitals.


  • The major issue with KoreScale is that it is only available online. There may be a delay in getting your KoreScale due to the heavy demand for the product.

Why KoreScale?

While keeping your fitness on the track, you need to keep a strict vigil o all of your body vitals. Owing to the body as an internally related mechanism of multiple organs, the list of vitals is long. So, how many devices will you own? The number of devices easily beyond 10-12 devices. These are monitoring devices, scales, meters, etc. KoreScale is one multipurpose device that takes care of your fitness.

KoreScale helps you to gain high on your overall body strength, muscle weight, and keep your body weight in control. Unlike other analog scales or monitoring devices, KoreScale comes with biometric sensors that keep a strict eye on all of your body statistics.

KoreScale is easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to interpret electronic device. You do not need to visit specialized health centers when you have KoreScale with you. The highly accurate sensors eliminate the inclusion of possible errors in the readings. No more pain involving tests, when sensors are here.

How does it work?

KoreScale works simply. You just have to step over it barefoot and it is good to go! Starting from the BMI, Physical Age, Body Fat, Muscle mass, Visceral fat level, Basal Metabolic rate, Protein content, Weight, Moisture content, Bone Mass, Skeletal muscle, Fat-free weight of your body, there is nothing that s not within the range of this magical device! All this is credited to the 4 amazing sensors of KoreScale!

KoreScale helps you to find out your true scale as it uses next-generation technology in delivering the actual body vitals. There is no need to carry different types of equipment for measuring different vitals.

The best part about using KoreScale is that it looks like a normal scale and there is no need for specializing maintenance of this high-tech device. It has digital readings that make it easy to read and interpret.

Rating and Reviews:

Our team has sued KoreScale and gives it a top rating of 5-stars. The customers of KoreScale shares highly positive reviews about the product.

One user of KoreScale terms it as a helpful device in achieving your aim of weight loss. KoreScale helped her by providing the exact number without any error and motivated her each time to do that extra mile to reach her fitness goal. She strongly recommends KoreScale to those who have high targets to lose weight.

Another customer of KoreScale terms it as a versatile product that easily gets synchronized with exiting Fit bit and iPhone. He is about to order a second KoreScale as currently, he is sharing it with his teenage son. He likes KoreScale very much and is found to be a useful device.

The third user of KoreScale has ordered it for her husband who wanted to lose those extra inches. Her husband has liked it very much and never keeps it away from his regular fitness regime. KoreScale has taken the charge of being an ideal fitness partner to her husband.

KoreScale Price

The cost of KoreScale is $141.65. Don’t worry, the company offers KoreScale at a limited period promotional offer of 50% off and hence you can own a single unit of KoreScale at $84.99 only. Isn’t it amazing?

Following the offers on a single unit of KoreScale, the company offers heavy savings on bulk buying of KoreScale as well. In case you are looking to buy 2 units of KoreScale, you can go for the “Double Your Fitness” deal of the company that provides a direct saving of $155.31 as you only spend $127.99 instead of $283.30. The “Maximize Your Fitness” deal has 3 units of KoreScale at amazing rates of $169.99 only instead of the actual cost price of $424.95.

Where to Buy?

It is recommended to buy your KoreScale from the official website only. Owning to the heavy demand for the product, the company offers heavy discounts on KoreScale purchase.

In addition to the savings on KoreScale, customers can leverage the benefit of 100% customer satisfaction policy of the company. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can return it within 30-days of the purchase and you can get the money back. However, KoreScale will never give you such a chance!


KoreScale is the next fitness device in your list of must-to haves. It helps you to monitor all of the important body vitals without the need to manage different electronic devices. It outshines all of the existing digital scales by measuring all of the parameters single-handedly only.

If you know someone who is looking for a multipurpose fitness device, KoreScale is an ideal device for you. You can use it or gift it to your family. Grab a one for you today!

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