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The internet is a must for a modern lifestyle. You may not differentiate between the different gadgets and appliances at your place that requires a valid internet connection for efficient working. Starting from your mobile phones to your personal computers to your air conditioners, all of the devices and appliances require a fast internet connection for precise operations. Not only about the devices, but our work life and our banking services are also highly dependent on internet speeds.

The speed of the internet is practically impossible to get increased beyond a certain limit. This is due to the imposition of restrictions on infrastructure and internet usage. The users of the internet are growing daily and hence there is no step back from that. So how will you ensure smooth internet amid all these rising issues? The markets are flooded with several devices that ensure high-quality internet services to you but costs astronomically high on your pockets.

The Wi-Fi boosters are one of the devices that work seamlessly with your Wi-Fi router to provide the best quality internet services at your place. These are the semiconductor-based devices that multiply the strength of your existing Wi-Fi router so that you are free from the dead spots. Out of all of the Wi-Fi boosters available in the market, today we bring an efficient Wi-Fi booster that is high in performance and light on your pocket. It is called the iBooster.

What is iBooster?

iBooster is a modern age Wi-Fi booster that provides efficient internet with fast speeds on desktops, game consoles, TV’s, phones, pads, tabs, and laptops. iBooster works without the limitations of many connections and obstructions in its path. Hence, you don’t need to realign the furniture at your place for ensuring the highest internet speeds at your place.


iBooster is developed using an effective technology that outcasts all of the routers and signal repeaters in providing the best internet speeds to your devices. iBooster ensures 100% internet speeds at your place with the same speeds at centers and corners of your room. If you are looking for a reliable and fast speed internet connection, iBooster is the best device for your use.

Technical Specifications and Features:

iBooster best features include:

  • Compact design
  • LED signal strength indicators.
  • Affordable solution
  • Easy to install
  • WPS operation
  • Compatible with all Wi-Fi routers

Pros and Cons of iBooster


Let us have a quick look at the multi-fold advantages of iBooster:

  1. It is easy to use and operate iBooster. It doesn’t require detailed settings before starting to use it at your place along with your Wi-Fi router.
  2. It has signal strength indicators so that you can position your iBooster according to the maximum signal strengths.
  3. It is an efficient solution that provides the best internet signals to all of the devices like mobile, laptop, etc. with no limitations to the number of connections.
  4. It doesn’t raise your monthly internet bills and hence you get the best internet connectivity while paying the same amount of money.
  5. It is a portable Wi-Fi booster that is easy to carry while you are traveling.


There are no visible problems related to iBooster except for the fact that:

  • iBooster is available online only

Why iBooster?

Out of all of the high acclaimed Wi-Fi devices available in the market, there are various reasons why you should prefer iBooster over others.

First of all, iBooster is a one-time-investment as it doesn’t cause any rise in your internet bills. You can continue with the regular internet plan from your service provider.

Secondly, iBooster provides a safe connection at your place. You can rely on its strong encrypted network that is impossible to hack. Hence, you can rely on the quality and safety of your internet connection.

Thirdly, iBooster precisely removes the internet dead spots at your place without causing any problems in the efficient working of your devices. Unlike other Wi-Fi boosters, it doesn’t interfere with other radio frequency-based devices.

Fourthly, iBooster is a compact and durable product. It is made up of good quality materials and does not wear along with time. iBooster is an advanced product for your daily use and can be used at your home, office, or any other place.

Last but not least is the affordability of iBooster. It is available at discounted rates from the manufacturer and does not dig a hole into your pocket.

How does it work?

You will be amazed to learn the working of iBooster. Just as it is popularly said, there is no use of modern technology if it is not user-friendly. iBooster is easy to use the device, All you need to do is just plug it into any of the power sockets at your place. It gets automatically synced to the Wi-Fi router and starts providing seamless internet within few seconds only.

iBooster has high-quality antennas that receive the Wi-Fi signals from your router. The amplifiers in iBooster increase the strength of this Wi-Fi signal. Hence is the “boosting” effect. This increased strength of the Wi-Fi signal is then dispersed in your surroundings. Thus, what you get is the amplified signal without adding any cost to your monthly internet bills.                                                                                             

Rating and Reviews:

iBooster is an efficient device and based on its use by our review team, we give it a top score of 5-star rating. Let us have a look at the customer testimonials.

One customer thanks iBooster for helping him in achieving the fastest internet speeds at his office. His employees were fed up with the sluggish internet due to their office location issues. iBooster has solved all of the internet connectivity issues and his team can now concentrate on their work that was not possible due to the slow internet.

Another user of iBooster shares that iBooster is an efficient device that has almost tripled his internet speeds. She is a food blogger and shares video diaries about her expedition. Hence, she can’t afford weak internet connections. iBooster is a perfect device for her place that eliminates all of the internet problems. She strongly recommends iBooster to all video bloggers.

The other user of iBooster is amazed at its results in removing dead spots from his place as he never had received the internet in his kitchen and garage. With iBooster at his place, he can use the internet for learning the recipes of the dishes and enjoying songs while washing his car as well. He strongly recommends iBooster to all of the persons suffering from internet issues at their homes.                  

iBooster Price:

The cost of iBooster is $118.65 but is available at a promotional offer of 50% off currently. Thus, you can own iBooster is just $59.33 only. You are eligible for free shipping with every order of iBooster.

In addition to the discount on a single unit of iBooster, you are eligible for discounts for bulk buying of iBooster as well. You can buy two units of iBooster for $94.96 only as each unit will cost you $47.47 only in this offer. You can buy three units of iBooster for $118.67 only as each unit will cost you $39.55 only in this offer. Hence you are always on the savings side while buying any units of iBooster.

Where to Buy?

iBooster is available at discounted rates on its official website. We here strongly advise buying your iBooster from the official website only to avoid falling prey to the counterfeit similar looking products. It is a popular device and hence is prone to counterfeit products.

In addition to the heavy discounts, the company offers free shipping on iBooster. Thus, there are no hidden charges related to the purchase of iBooster as you get it delivered to your home without spending extra money. Also, you can go for extending the warranty of your iBooster for two and three years from its website. Thus, you can protect iBooster from all types of damages according to your need. All of the transactions on the website of iBooster are secured by the strong encryption that protects your banking details from getting leaked to hackers. Thus, the website of iBooster is the sure-shot place for your purchase of iBooster.


iBooster is a state of the art technology Wi-Fi booster that removes all of the dead spots from your place. Hence, you can use the internet at any corner of your office, home, etc. without worrying about the internet speeds. iBooster is a powerful Wi-Fi booster that is easy to install and use is the best device for your place. The best part of this efficient Wi-Fi booster is its precision in delivering high-speeds without any disruption and affordability.

If you are facing issues in using the internet at your office, home, or at any new place, grab an iBooster for you today and enjoy the best internet speeds. No more hassle in waiting for the best internet speeds. Grab an iBooster for you today and start enjoying the safest and fastest internet.

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