Fresh-R Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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With the summers around the corner, people have started looking forward to purchasing the best air coolers in the market. While searching for the perfect air cooler, there are certain things that have to be kept in mind. The most important factors amongst these are none other than the budget and the temperature in the area.

During the summertime, when there is an existence of scorching heat, even being at home proves to be an irritating element. When there is much heat, even the ceiling fans prove to be a relief. But, with the direct air streaming on you, there are higher chances for your body to catch a cold. Thus, you can start thinking about getting an air-conditioner installed at your place, but its installation would be way too high.


Buying portable conditioners would also be an option that might strike your mind but investing in them could be an expensive affair for you. Thus, if you want something affordable and quite convenient to use, you can start using Fresh-R Cooler. It has a small size and thus, you can carry it easily from one place to another. It’s undoubtedly noteworthy and majorly prominent. Therefore you can try it out once for a hassle-free and enjoyable summer.

There is no need for you to suffer more during summers if you have got the Fresh-R Cooler by your side. This air cooler is accompanied by an ability to purify the air prevalent around you so that you get the best cooling experience even during summers. Before purchasing the Fresh-R cooler, it’s highly recommended for you to know more about this product in detail here.

What is Fresh-R?

Fresh-R Air cooler is a kind of an air cooler that wouldn’t need a power outlet for its functioning. Also, it’s quite portable, and thus, you can carry it along with you whenever you want with no shortcomings. It has an ability to transform the overheated air during summers into a cool breeze accompanied with sufficient moisture.

During the functioning of the common fans, your sweat evaporates, and that leads to your body feel cool. But it’s not considered to be good for your health. But, that’s not a case with the Fresh-R air cooler. Unlike the common fans, the Fresh-R cooler lowers down the temperature of the hot air present around you.

It is a type of a cooler that has an evaporation-based functioning being facilitated with the help of a water tank. You can place Fresh-R air cooler anywhere according to your preferences. You would experience a cold temperature and dampness in the area where it’s present.

Features of Fresh-R:

Fresh-R air cooler comprises of a plethora of features which make it different from other air coolers available in the marketplace. These are mentioned below:

  • User- friendly:

Fresh-R air cooler is considered to be a cooling gadget that is user-friendly, and it’s because there exists no hassle while using it. You just need to follow a few steps, and you are good to go!

  • Faster cooling:

You just have to press a button on this air cooler, and it would start cooling within a tenure of less than a minute. Overall, its cooling leads to the development of comfortable personal space.

  • Compact:

The Fresh-R Air Cooler is highly preferred by a huge chunk of the population worldwide since it has got a compact size. This feature makes it easily portable, and you can thus keep it anywhere in your house.

  • No noise pollution:

Since its three-speed fan is quiet, thus you are going to experience a relaxing mood. With it, you would be able to relax at any point in time with no risk of noise pollution.

  • Long-lasting:

There is an existence of a water tank in the Fresh-R water cooler, and it is able to last long for a period of eight hours.

  • Adjustable rotor blades:

The Fresh-R Air Cooler has got the wind outlet rotor blades which function with the intention of controlling the overall cooling direction. Each one of these blades can be adjusted so that they can be moved easily upwards and downwards.

  • Three-stage air cooler:

There are three different settings in the air cooler that would be able to cater to all your needs. They would keep you cool while you’re working, playing or sleeping.

  • Multi-colored:

There are seven different options accompanying the air cooler that would provide a soothing mood light to the user.

  • No hassle filter replacement:

You can remove the filter on your own and clean it as per your comfort. You wouldn’t need an AC specialist for doing the same. It should be done every six months.

  • Provides purified air:

The Fresh-R air cooler would filter the air present around you by removing the various dirt particles in it. The whole activity would make the air fresh, clean as well as pure in no time.

How does Fresh-R Air Cooler work?

Fresh-R Air Cooler has got a fan that is meant to attract the air present out and around it. Once sucked, the air passes through the wet filter cushions that lead to the filtering of the dirt particles and other contaminants from the air. Apart from that, it also lowers down the air temperature since there is an existence of water evaporation activity in the notable cushions of the air cooler. Its thermostat would adjust the temperature according to your preferences.

How to use Fresh-R Air Cooler?

Fresh-R Air Cooler is way too easy to use, and thus, you can use it by following some simple steps. To do this, you would have to fill up its tank with water. It has to be normal tap water. Once done, you should connect it with a USB Port. This USB Port can be connected way too easily with your telephone battery or your laptop.

Why is there a need for a Fresh-R air cooler?

Anyone who has always felt that getting the air conditioners at your place is an expensive activity or getting the fans is wasteful should get the Fresh-R air cooler. When it comes to the ordinary fans, they are known to just disperse in the environment and evaporate our sweat. But on the other hand, Fresh-R air cooler brings a freshness along with it and also, it lowers down the air’s temperature. Also, it’s quite notable that this air cooler is quite inexpensive and using it would cost you some pennies per day.


Truly, Fresh-R air cooler is known as a product that is revolutionary, and it has got a good number of benefits:

  • There is no need for you to get it installed by a specialist. It’s because it has a compact size and you can do its installation on your own.
  • It hails with an easy to use.
  • Its usage is quite healthy for the users since it is known to purify the air.
  • It consumes lower energy.
  • Due to its compact size, you can easily carry it wherever you need.


Since nothing’s perfect, Fresh-R air cooler has got some cons too.

  • You can only buy it online.
  • You would only witness one design of Fresh-R.

Customer reviews and recommendations:

On the whole, a good number of users are highly satisfied with the usage of Fresh-R Air Cooler. They have been able to carry it wherever they need and also, it is lightweight. They would love to recommend it to other people since it’s worthy of your time and investment.

The users have also entailed that this air cooler is quite powerful and cools down in the finest possible manner. With its amazing 3 settings, they have always been left awestruck and also, they were never dissatisfied while using it.

Majority of the users have given it 4-5 stars rating, and this product is already loaded with a plethora of reviews online. They have become a huge fan of this product, and none of the users couldn’t now imagine their summertime without using the commendable Fresh-R Air Cooler.

Fresh-R Price and availability:  

Fresh R Air Cooler has got a quite reasonable price that would be somewhere around 85 USD. It is available on various e-commerce platforms; however, it’s highly recommended for you to buy this air cooler from its official website.

With this, you would be able to avoid any kind of scam and buying it in bulk would give you huge discounts.

Final Verdict

If you have the Fresh-R Review by your side, you are surely going to have good and cool summers. Time for you to enjoy the advance features of Fresh-R Air Cooler and feel like never before. You can also consider as a next-generation gadget when it comes to personal cooling. Use this amazing product and get the cooling done with no shortcomings.

This product is high in demand, and it’s totally because of its notable features and a pool of advantages. What are you waiting for? Summers are coming really soon, and you should already get Fresh-R air cooler well in advance before it gets out of stock.

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