Fever Patrol Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Hitting a high temperature can be really stressful since it is a symptom of many underlying diseases that can be deadly sometimes.  It gets complicated to take the temperature of small kids using a contact thermometer. So, here comes a contact-free thermometer that you can use to measure your feverish child with no efforts.

This requires the least effort to measure anyone. This operates even when the patient is sleeping. You don’t have to wake up a sick person to take their heat measure, and this is the best feature of this non-contact thermometer.

Fever Patrol is well suited for people who often hit a high temperature. This is no less than the traditional mercury thermometer. It gives a precise reading of the temperature, which is displayed on the digital display. Unlike the unpleasant and painful traditional method of measuring the heat level anally.

This modern device computes the temperature without even making any physical contact. Earlier, if you had taken bathe or had cold water, then your thermometer would detect wrong body temperature that can be misleading, but with the advancement of technology, you can get a 100% error-free reading that is entirely reliable.

What is Fever Patrol?

Fever patrol is a modernized electronic thermometer that is contact-free. You can detect the body temperature without bringing it in contact with the aimed person. The key benefit of this non-contact device is that it will not come in contact with germs and bacteria. If you are still using the traditional thermometer, then there are high chances that the dangerous microorganisms attack it like bacteria and viruses due to its physical contact with the infected person.

It is a promised and quick machine that can be used for people of all age groups. By using Fever Patrol, you can take the temperature of an asleep person too. The patient does not have to awake. This can allow you to check your baby’s heat level multiple times at night without having him awake. You just have to hold it near the forehead and press a button, and then you can see the detected temperature on the LED display. It does not take any time delay to detect the temperature. You can instantly know the heat level on the screen.

How to use Fever Patrol?

  It is quite simple to use Fever Patrol as it does not require any special techniques to operate. Just follow these simple steps to measure the temperature:

  • Hold it in near the forehead.
  • Press the button.
  • You’re done..!!

It is almost like the conventional thermometer but does its job more quickly and with greater efficiency. Its non- contact feature will keep it safe from the unwanted microorganisms.

Who should buy Fever Patrol?

It is a must product for every household and medical hospital or clinic. Having a thermometer is a basic need for these places, and they can never go wrong buying these.

Hospitals and clinics are the places that are filled with sick people and have them everywhere. It is highly recommended to switch to this non-contact thermometer as it can minimize the chances of the transfer of deadly microorganisms that can increase the number of affected people.

People with small children and babies are advised to switch to this as it is a trouble-free device. It often gets troubling to take the temperature of kids as they are really playful, energetic, and never at rest. With their restlessness, you can’t expect an accurate temperature every time. So turning to contact-free and quicker methods can offer you a more precise result.

Technical facts about Fever Patrol

  • It comes with a color-coded screen that is color blind friendly.
  • Fever Patrol comes with a sturdy handle.
  • It has a high-gripped handle.
  • This product comes with mode buttons.
  • Widescreen.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It can be used with a single hand.
  • The small and compact design makes it easy to carry around.

Fever Patrol v/s conventional thermometer

  • The traditional thermometers are not as accurate as this.
  • Fever Patrol is more travel friendly as traditional ones can break due to their glass body.
  • Fever Patrol displays the readings in both Fahrenheit and degree Celsius.
  • It is a touch-less device that keeps it safeguarded from disease-causing microorganisms.


  1. Omni users: It can be used by people of all age groups and gender. It is really suitable for kids that are restless all the time.
  2. Touch-free: For using this, you just have to bring it near the target’s forehead, press the button, and you can see the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, both.
  3. Instant results: You don’t have to wait for several seconds to see the results. It will instantly show the temperature over the LED display. This process is not at all delaying or time-consuming.
  4. It has different modes: It can be used for checking the room temperature as well.
  5. Infrared Technology: infrared technology makes it a faster and reliable alternative. This enables the device to consume less power and covers a wider range.
  6. Compact design: Its small size and elegant body make it suitable for taking along while you travel. It can easily be a part of your on-the-go first aid kit, which can be carried along in schools and offices too.
  7. Wider range: it can detect the temperature from a range of  1 meter. This will keep the device as well as the device holding person safe from disease-causing microbes that can enter on direct contact.

With tonnes of advantages, you can never regret buying this advanced and modernized thermometer that is entirely touch-free. You don’t have to worry about the germs that might enter into other members of the family or the hospital staff or the neighboring patients.


  1. Requires battery: You have to charge the battery, though it runs for a long time, once it is fully charged.
  2. Costlier than the standard thermometers: It is comparatively high priced, but the features are worth the cost.

The numerous advantages balance out these two disadvantages hence making it a perfect pick for all the households or hospitals.

Fever Patrol Price and Availability

The star point is that it is available at pharmacies as well as online. It can be purchased from any nearby drug store since it is a prominent digital thermometer. You can buy this for $74.50.  You can always find an online discount of 40%, and this can save you up to $43.58. You can enjoy a 45% discount if you are buying it in bulk. The customer service is tremendous and can be availed from any corner of the globe.

Also, the manufacturer is offering a lifetime replacement and protection guarantee with an additional fee of $ 11. This is a promise from the developers that you can enjoy the benefits of this digital thermometer for a long span. The makers accept all sorts of online payment options, including PayPal, Visa cards, MasterCard, AMEX, and many more, giving you a flexible choice of payment to make.

Customer reviews and recommendations

The users are satisfied with the digitalized method that enables them to take the temperature of their patients and family members. They are pleased with the fact that it is a contact-free device, and they do not have a threat of infectious diseases. It is a one-time investment as it can be replaced and repaired with the additional cost of just $10, increasing its lifespan. The sturdy handle is another plus point on their list. Its friction grip makes sure that you don’t drop it, and even it drops, it is made up of unbreakable material. 

The users are in love with this alternative and are delighted to switch from their traditional thermometers that are not as efficient and reliable as this. It just takes a few seconds to detect the heat level. You just have to hold it near the forehead and press the button. You can instantly see the temperature of your body on the digital display that displays the measured temperature in two units; Celsius and degree Fahrenheit.

They are praising the fact that they don’t have to wake up their sleeping babies to measure their fever. They are able to note down their temperature while they are peacefully asleep.

Final Verdict

This compact and stylish thermometer is a safer alternative to the traditional mercury thermometer. You can buy this touch-less thermometer at any medical store or many online platforms.  This is synthesized without infusing any harmful or harsh chemicals.  This device is made by a team of professional troops that are from diverse countries. It is a satisfaction guaranteed product that has a sturdy handle, which makes sure that it does not slips off every time you hold it.

It is made to eliminate the transfer of any unwanted and harmful disease-causing microorganisms that can increase the number of sick people. Due to its large display, you can read the measurement without putting too many efforts. It becomes easy to note down the temperature of kids as it is not required to be placed under the underarms or mouth, which is usually a challenging task in kids as they are always in their playful mood and never on rest. It is a doubt free alternative to the conventional thermometers cause hassle.

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