EcoHeat S Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Guess what’s better than summers? The winters! But these may be too intolerable at times. If you are just fed up with this crazy weather and intending to get some relaxation, how about a heater? Well, here we are not talking about those common heating devices, instead, we are mentioning EcoHeat S. It is an innovative cylinder-styled heater that can heat an area to 98 degrees.

Such heaters are truly a savior and it is because of their commendable properties. They will heat the surroundings in just a matter of some seconds. If you are the kind of person for whom winters are too cool to handle, EcoHeat S is the best! Apart from that, it is also prolific in saving your electricity bills.

EcoHeat S

Thus, if you are the homeowner, nothing can be as perfect for you as an EcoHeat S. Before buying this product, you must be aware of its features, pros, and cons as well as other relatable information. Have a look at this write-up, you will surely attain the ‘much-needed’ information.

What is EcoHeat S?

EcoHeat S is a heating device that is easily portable and is accompanied by a top-notch ceramic showcased with a premium finish. This heater is true satisfaction for those who need heat wherever they are headed to! Apart from that, it is also cost-effective and highly efficient when it comes to saving electricity as well as money.

This mini-portable heater has a cylindrical look and comprises of thermostat and oscillation that is easily adjustable. With the ability to heating the air around up to 98 degrees, you wouldn’t feel dissatisfied when it comes to getting a comfy feel!

What are the features of EcoHeat S?

EcoHeat S is great for any person who needs a radiator with no noise that can be transported from one place to another without any kind of hassle. On comparing it with any miscellaneous traditional heating device, this serves as a better option.

Below mentioned are some of the features of EcoHeat S. Have a glance:

  • The heat is perfectly maintained as well as self-regulated with the help of the ceramic heating elements present in it.
  • No user shall strive to get any assistance from a device expert to handle. Just know a few buttons and you are good to go!
  • It has a facility of three heating levels which can be easily adjusted as and when you want! These are fan, medium heating, and strong heating.
  • The dimensions of EcoHeat S are 21cmx14cm.
  • This device is safe to use. Even if you open it and forget to close, it has a function that can control the heat at that moment.
  • The device is completely wireless and is easily portable.
  • It hails with an ability to dry as well as humidifying the air present all over the room.
  • You can use its fan during summer days to seek relaxation from the scorching heat.

How does an EcoHeat S work?

The working of EcoHeat S has been done in such a manner that it has now been considered as the most perfect functioning! On one side, it consumes the air prevalent in the room and transforms it into a hotter one providing warmth to them. This is done with the fruitful assistance of its internal heat radiator through which the air passes. It is then spat out as the cozy air for the comfort of users.

Due to it being powered by a USB, it has always been successful in consuming very little energy! With its consistent efficiency, the users are surely going to get the finest relaxation from cold. The ceramic heaters comprised of EcoHeat S contain some ceramic places which are mounted in the metal coils. This enables them to function just like a coil heater. But it is not the same, since their lies a difference between the two. The ceramic plates are a master in heat absorption and then release them. This is faster than that performed by the coil heaters.

The heat is transmitted all across the room very eminently with this heater and this is done with the help of its fan. The direction of oscillation depends upon you, whether you want to keep it 70 degrees or 35 degrees. Due to its usage, the heat would be able to reach even the nooks and corners of the room it is present in. However, while buying this commodity, you need to keep in mind that a single unit would only be able to heat a single room. Thus, if you are expecting it to heat the whole house, you need to buy multiple units of the same.

On top of this device, you are going to spot a Control Panel. As the name suggests, you would be able to control the device’s thermostat, modify heat’s intensity and also control the oscillation. It serves a dual purpose too and this is a noteworthy thing! You can use its fan during summers to prevent yourself from heat.

What can you expect from EcoHeat S?

Don’t go by its tiny size! This mini-portable heater has a lot more to offer that you wouldn’t have even expected. It is suitable for being used by a good number of people. If you are stuck in a mind-boggling situation while thinking about what all it has to offer, you are at the right stop!

All that you can expect from EcoHeat S are mentioned below:

  • You can always stay sure about your good health while using this product. With EcoHeat S, your room will be facilitated with a pleasant temperature keeping you warm away from the winters! The temperature within your home will be vice-versa of what is there outside. Do not withstand the colder environment since EcoHeat S is here to provide you a warm temperature.
  • Irrespective of the place you are prevalent in, whether it is your room, kitchen or office the working environment will be perfect!
  • You are going to feel a sense of security with the presence of EcoHeat S by your side. Your family will stay strong as well as healthy too.
  • It has a prevalence of multiple modes that enable the user to adjust the thermostat as per their preferences. Thus, it is very easy to operate.
  • No doubt on this one, but an EcoHeat S will let you stay delighted forever! During the event when everything’s cooler outside but your home’s warm, you will feel amazing!

What are the benefits of EcoHeat S?

Not solely a single chunk of the population is benefitted from the usage of EcoHeat S, instead, every human is satisfied with this product! This satisfaction hails with a good number of reasons. Mothers, fathers, teachers, babies, hoteliers, and other businessmen are always indulged in the usage of EcoHeat S.

Mothers are using this device to keep their babies warm and away from the intolerable cold outside. This always keeps them happy as well as healthy! On the other hand, other businessmen are chilling out in their offices while working in a healthy and cozy environment maintained by EcoHeat S.

Mentioning about the hoteliers, they use these devices in their accommodation. It is because, they find these a better deal and also, it is highly cost-effective. The best part is that the guests would be able to easily set the temperature according to their needs. That would be a ‘no-hassle’ work!

What do customers have to say about EcoHeat S?

Based on the extensive study and the knowledge that we gained from the same, it can be said that EcoHeat S is preferable for being used. If you are looking forward to owning a small room that would be able to warm your room, this is worthy of being tried. Many users have told that This heater is undoubtedly a major player that is available at a great price! It can heat a room in three seconds and provides the most comfortable setting.

You can even carry it in your bag when you are heading towards your university or library! Despite it having such a small appearance, it can pull up the huge weight! If the user is engaged in using this device, there would be no need for him to turn on any other air conditioner or central heating.

On the other hand, many have also entailed its bad aspects. They said that the device only displays the temperature in Celsius. Many amongst them expected it to show the temperature in Fahrenheit too! Some users haven’t considered it as a downside.

Some people have complained that the device is much smaller than what they have thought of! But, that’s a positive thing for many since they are very easily carrying it from one place to another. Opposite of its size, EcoHeat S heats as soon as possible.

People have wholeheartedly as well as gladly recommended this product to others. They have become quite enthusiastic about witnessing its small size accompanied with so many functions. It costs less and also saves a lot of electricity. Its outstanding functions have brand-new expertise and it has already stunned many of its users.

A good number of people have said that it has the capability of making your home a perfect place to live in. Gain compliments from your guests as they feel the warmth and see them satisfied during their stay at your place.

Some people have tried it out in every room. As a result of this, they said the device has undoubtedly warmed up space pleasantly. But they also explained that it had some difficulty in warming up the living room. This is because the living room has open spaces and this single unite heater can heat smaller rooms.

On seeing so many mixed reviews and taking out a common suggestion, we can entail that EcoHeat S is worthy of your investment. You can very easily get satisfied with it since it hails with many features, easier operation, and no confusion.


The above-mentioned information provides the finest information about EcoHeat S. It has always been entailed as a greater heater by many people. Apart from that, they have also considered it as a safer option as compared to the other traditional heating devices.

It might have now swept away your confusion about whether you must purchase this product or not. With its in-built top-notch features designed while keeping the users’ preferences in mind, no one can ever say no to it.

Just click the buttons present on it and see it work! You won’t have to seek suggestions from an expert. Haven’t you tried it yet? You probably should! Maintain a distance with the cold outside and come closer to the EcoHeat S Review.

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