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Every photographer, whether an amateur one or a professional one dreams of having a drone! They undoubtedly love drones. They move up into the sky and capture amazing photographs of the whole view and landscapes. Nothing can beat their perfection!

Drones have always given those types of shots which wouldn’t have been possible without a helicopter ride! However, the limitation with a drone is that it is expensive as well as big and bulky. But, a new kind of drone that is too affordable and handy has come up to our rescue. This is none other than the Drone X Pro. Want to know more about it? We have got the whole information about it and the reviews further! Read it and decide whether you should buy it or not.

What is Drone X Pro?

The Drone X Pro is quite handy as well as a three-speed drone that contains a 720 HD camera along with other distinct features. It hails with the ability to be taken wherever you are traveling. It is flexible and thus can be folded so that the user can fit it even in his pockets! This unique device has become a quite favored gadget especially by enthusiasts and other tech savvies. Its range is pretty impressive that can fly this device very easily up to 1500 feet away.

Drone X Pro

The mastermind behind Drone X Pro’s creation is Novads OU that is known to be based in Estonia. Not only this product, but the company is also indulged in the manufacturing of USB car charger, portable A/C unit, powered wine bottle opener and also the security camera.

What are the features of Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro is accompanied by innumerable reviews and each one of them marks it better than the other bulky and expensive drones. With such commendable features, the users won’t have to worry about its operation. These allow them in using the device without any kind of hassle.

Below listed are the very impressive features of Drone X Pro. Have a glance:

  • Drone X Pro is easily foldable and this characteristic makes it a huge hit amongst the people! Its propellers can very easily fold in the direction of the inward. With this, they could be carried easily anywhere at any point in time. Also, it would provide them protection during transit.
  • Each and every capture, whether a video or photograph would be recorded in HD format. It would be 120 frames per seconds and the photos will be up to 12 megapixels.
  • Drone X Pro is equipped with the automatic sensors (also known as the gravity sensors), These detect the varied obstacles that a drone might witness during the flight and assist it in avoiding the collision with them.
  • It is accompanied by an ability to fly up into the sky for up to 10-12 minutes and record the scenes from there. During this tenure, you don’t have to change its batteries or need to touch it to the ground even.
  • It has also got the slo-mo mode! With its usage, the user will also be able to replay the shots he has taken with the help of this drone and that too in HD slow motion.
  • While using a Drone X Pro, you can also capture 360-degree photos i.e. the Panorama Mode with just a single click of its button.
  • The dimensions of Drone X Pro are 6.5×14.5x3cm (folded) and 15.5x15x3cm (unfolded). This equipment weighs only 85g.
  • The 12 MP Wi-fi camera facilitates the drone with FPV and control on its other varied features.
  • The user can even move the drone the same as the movement of his phone with the help of G-sensor Mode.
  • You can fly the drone at the same height for a longer time of clicks with the Air press altitude hold.
  • It has a cordless control.

How Does Drone X Pro work?

A good number of users are already highly amazed by seeing the incomparable working of Drone X Pro! The majority of them are still wondering about how can a drone even work according to a smartphone? It has to be noted that for such an operation, there is an app! Here we are going to know about how is the app able to interact with the drone without any kind of hassle.

Much before using the drone, there exists a need for you to firmly set it on the ground. Later on, it’s the time for your smartphone to connect with this drone’s Wi fi. It would be named somewhat similar to WiFi-720p-***. On completing this step, you are free to open the JY UFO app and tap the ‘play’ option in it.

Drone X Pro Reviews

The device comes along with the instructions manual in which you can get to see how to use its multiple controls. Don’t worry about the difficulty of using it. This is because the device is not at all complex and you can thus operate it way too easily! With the usage of this app, you will be able to see what all your drone is seeing during its flight up in the sky. It is way too interesting than it sounds!

But, if you have never used a drone before, there is a need for you to practice the same. In the starting, your drone might have some chances of getting crashed. But, due to the Drone X Pro being quite durable as well as sturdy, you don’t have to worry about its breaking. There are some chances that the propel might break but you can easily get them replaced since they are inexpensive.

What are the benefits of Drone X Pro?

This equipment has many benefits and enjoying them is one of a kind experience. Some of them are provided below. Read on further…

  • You can very easily carry them anywhere you want. With its four foldable arms, you can put it in your bag or pocket and travel with them.
  • It has a stable flight while being up in the sky with the usage of its altitude hold mode function.
  • With its inbuilt Wi-Fi, you can connect it with the Drone X Pro App. This app has the ability to control the drone efficiently.
  • There are two cameras in the drone and they click amazing photographs since they are facilitated with 2.0 MP 720 P wide-angle camera.
  • Also, you don’t have to waste much of your time in adjusting the position of this drone. This is because it can be easily done with the help of the headless mode.

Drone X Pro Reviews

The majority of the customers are in love with the Drone X Pro. It has the ability to take good photos. Apart from that, using it is quite easy since you can very easily operate it with the assistance of your smartphone. Thus, there is no need for any user to carry extra equipment along with it. Just keep it in your pocket and you are good to go anywhere with it.

One can very easily fly this drone, both indoors as well as outdoors and there would be no issue in the same. Since this one is a pocket-size drone, do not expect that it is going to fly for 20 minutes just like the other bulky and larger drones available in the market. Just in case, you are intending to extend the tenure of your flight, you must ensure that you are bringing extra batteries along with you.

But, since nothing is perfect, many people have also been able to spot some of its shortcomings too! As entailed by them, there would trouble in linking the drone to the respective controller. Also, there may be a case when the 360-degree spin might not rightly work too! Apart from that, the battery of Drone X Pro would last only for 7-8 minutes unlike the battery life showcased on the official website of this product. Thus, it is recommended for the users to have a battery lined up before taking off since this drone has a short flight time.

All in one, they have provided 3 out of 5 stars and thus, 80% ratings to this device. This drone is literally worthy of being given a try at least. You would love using it and the overall experience is going to be nice, undoubtedly!


Many YouTubers have said that this tiny gadget is fun to fly and also, it is accompanied by a good built. Based on our extensive research as well as communication with the users, it can be said that using it is an interesting option. This quality drone is worthy of your investment and the majority of you would definitely say a ‘yes’ to use it! This brand-new, as well as compact done, is surely going to set you apart from the others. This impressive piece is actually available at lower prices along with built-in quality and HD images!

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