CoolEdge AC Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not (Must Read)

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Blessed are those who can enjoy different seasons, especially summers. Who doesn’t want to spend long and lazy summer evenings with friends and family? Outings and picnics are inevitable in summers. However, there is one simple hurdle in the process, i.e., the scorching heat. While summers come with multiple benefits of long days, outings, and searching wilds, you must have a solution for all summer blues. Nobody wants to end up their holidays with sunburn and irritating skin.

Summer devices like coolers, fans, air conditioner units are best in providing support in scorching summers. However, the product range is so wide that it is easy for any person to get confused in selecting the best device for your requirements. Further, things get more complicated when you don’t have any knowledge about the technical terms, best features, and efficiency of electrical and electronic devices. The portable fans, coolers, and air conditioners are great in helping multiple families enjoy their summer holidays.

So have you gone through these portable devices yet? All you need to do is look for the exemplary features, best efficiency, and multiple benefits along with the high-end affordability of these devices. Markets are flooded with different products that claim to be your best partner this summer. So, today we bring to you an amazing product called CoolEdge AC. Let us go through the best technical and unbiased review of CoolEdge AC.

What is CoolEdge AC?

CoolEdge AC is a portable AC that works on award-winning technology. It is a great AC unit that works effectively in small rooms and can be used as a desktop air conditioning unit. The large capacity built-in battery makes it a perfect partner for your summer holidays and weekend picnics.


CoolEdge AC pro is a super-silent device that doesn’t create any issues with your daily routine. The single button technology for turning on and off makes it a hassle-free technology that can be used by anyone in the family. It works on a standard USB power supply to ensure that you don’t have to locate additional hardware to use CoolEdge AC.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

The technical facts, specifications, and features of CoolEdge AC include:

  • Energy-efficient air conditioning unit
  • Water tank with a capacity of lasting up to 8 hours without a refill
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable blades to change the wind direction
  • Three-speed fan
  • Hydro-chill technology that works simply by adding ice to the tank water
  • Charging using a USB cable only
  • Available in two different colors

Pros and Cons of CoolEdge AC:


The best advantages of CoolEdge AC include:

  1. It is a multipurpose device that can work as an air humidifier, air cooler, and air filter.
  2. It releases the right amount of humidity in the air and makes the air feel comfortable for your requirements.
  3. CoolEdge AC can filter up to 99% of the allergens and pathogens and hence works as an effective air filter.
  4. It is easy to charge CoolEdge AC using a simple USB charging cable only.
  5. It is a safe product that can be used in kids’ or elders’ rooms while they’re sleeping.
  6. It is a highly portable and durable product that comes with easy to carry handle.
  7. It is available at discounted prices from the manufacturer.


There are no possible disadvantages of using CoolEdge AC except for the fact that you may have to wait for a couple of days after placing your order due to the high demand for the product globally.

Why CoolEdge AC?

The top choices in the portable air conditioning units available in the market are undoubtedly topped by CoolEdge AC. The top reasons for selecting CoolEdge AC as your summer partner include:

  • It is one of the best portable and highly efficient devices available in the market. The lightweight nut durable construction of CoolEdge AC makes it a perfect outdoor device.
  • CoolEdge AC is easy to use and doesn’t require any supporting accessories. The single button on and off further makes it easy to use by elders, kids, and persons who don’t like
  • CoolEdge AC is one of the best affordable electrical devices available in the market. It offers a high-quality user experience without disturbing your monthly budgets or electricity bills.
  • CoolEdge AC doesn’t charge high shipping charges for all deliveries in any corner of the world.

How does CoolEdge AC work?

The straightforward but effective functioning of the CoolEdge AC is the secret behind the success of this device. The simple steps to start using CoolEdge AC are:

  • Fill the water tank with water or ice as required.
  • Start using CoolEdge AC by pushing the on button.
  • Enjoy the cool and humidified air that is free from all germs and pathogens.

CoolEdge AC works on the principle of evaporation. The cooler the water is the cooler air it produces. Thus, you can add ice or water depending on your requirements. You can hang it or place it on a flat surface to get the best results. The high-quality filters used in CoolEdge AC ensure that you get purified air with every use. Thus, a single unit of CoolEdge AC can work as an air humidifier, air cooler, and air filter.

Ratings and Reviews of CoolEdge AC:

Our technical team gives CoolEdge AC a review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on its features, functionality, and affordability. The great review ratings from our technical team go in line with the different reviews of the persons already using CoolEdge AC.

The first customer says that CoolEdge AC has facilitated her outings with her kids. She always had difficulty in making her kids play outside in the summers due to the scorching heat. With CoolEdge AC in her home, her kids now love to play outdoors and never forget it on their family picnics.

The second customer highly recommends CoolEdge AC to all persons who’re looking for great air conditioners. He is a bachelor and loves the design and functioning of CoolEdge AC that suits all requirements of the bachelor. He recommends CoolEdge AC to all bachelors and people living alone.

The third customer terms CoolEdge AC as an easy-to-use device with no hassles. He is a veteran who loves to enjoy nature in his post-retirement days. CoolEdge AC was gifted by her daughter and since then it has made his life so easy.

CoolEdge AC Price:

After having a detailed look at the best features and advantages of CoolEdge AC, how much are you ready to pay for this highly versatile and useful product? The cost price of a single unit of CoolEdge AC is $157.85. The good news here is that you don’t have to spend the entire $157.85 as the company offers a flat discount of 50% on all units without any terms and conditions. Thus, you only have to spend $78.93 to purchase a single unit of CoolEdge AC from its official website. Thus, while purchasing CoolEdge AC, your purchase attracts multiple savings.

The list of benefits is not limited to buying a single unit of CoolEdge AC. The company offers multiple discounts on different units of CoolEdge AC. So, if you’re planning to buy multiple units of CoolEdge AC, you can choose from any of the offers mentioned below:

  • 2 units of CoolEdge AC worth $315.7 at a discounted price of $118.89 only.
  • 3 units of CoolEdge AC worth $473.55 at a discounted price of $136.87 only under the offer “Buy 2, Get 1 Free.”
  • 4 units of CoolEdge AC worth $631.4 at a discounted price of $178.84 only.
  • 5 units of CoolEdge AC worth $789.25 at a discounted price of $196.83 only under the offer “Buy 3, Get 2 Free.”

Where to buy CoolEdge AC?

It is strongly recommended to buy CoolEdge AC from the official website of the manufacturer only. It is a popular electronic device and hence chances are high that markets are flooded with similar-looking cheap and counterfeit versions of CoolEdge AC.

In addition to multiple discounts, the company offers 100% free delivery of CoolEdge AC at your doorstep. Further, the company understands the advantages of discounts on multiple products and keeps it simple for all prospective customers without any terms and conditions. It is super easy to select your number of products and placing an order on the official website of CoolEdge AC.

The official website of CoolEdge AC is secured by high-end 256-bit encryption that makes it a safe place to enter your personal and banking details. The additional certifications from TRUSTe, McAfee, and Norton by Semantec, make it a genuine and reliable interface. etc. You can also increase the warranty of CoolEdge AC for three years by paying a genuine amount while purchasing it from the official website.

Wrapping Up:

So, this is all about a modern and high-tech air conditioner CoolEdge AC. It is a perfect device for the modern lifestyle that can be used outdoors or can cool your room quickly. The easy-to-use CoolEdge AC can work as an air humidifier and air filter along with an air cooler. The single button operations, durable construction, and handle makes it an ideal picnic partner. Not to miss are the color options and affordable pricing with free delivery on every unit of CoolEdge AC. So when are you planning to buy CoolEdge AC?

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