CoolAir Reviews – Price, Benefits, Works or Not? (Must Read)

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Summers have always proved to be unsatisfactory weather especially due to the prevalence of the brutal heat. Especially those who are intending to work, sleep or relax, may find the scorching heat intolerable. It has the ability to dehydrate your body and transforming a sweet dream into a nightmare.

You need to do something for fixing it! What if you are able to attain cool breeze and that too during summers? Yes, you read that right! Such a comfy feeling has been facilitated with the perfection of CoolAir. Just in case you are intending to buy this commodity, you shall know more about its features, price and of course, the reviews! Read on to know more….

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir has continued acting as an innovative replacement for the common ACs as well as fans. These undoubtedly cool your space but not with the perfection provided by CoolAir. Even if you are present at a place where there is no plug socket, CoolAir can be operated.


It is a small-sized as well as portable air conditioner that has the ability to provide relief to the users during summer days. It hails with an exact size of 17x17x17cm that resembles to a small box.

Product description:

CoolAir looks similar to a small-sized air conditioner and has the dimensions of 17x17x17cm. It is said that such a size has the ability to resolve the issue of tremendous heat irrespective of the place you are present in. At first sight, you might witness the product like the one being too insignificant. However, on using it the views of a good number of users have completely become the opposite.

Working of CoolAir:

CoolAir has been marking its existence since their formulation by two engineers belonging to Germany. They were not at all satisfied with the hot summers which made them a suffer a lot. but they were not in favour using air conditioners since they were too costly. Thinking about an alternative to the same, an idea of CoolAir was born!

There is an existence of a fan along with the three speed settings that play an indispensable role in its functioning. Apart from that, there is a special filter and water container in it too! The water that accumulated in the container is consumed by the filter that later on uses it to produce cooler air.

By the time water is soaked by the filter, the fan equipped just behind it starts pushing the hot air vigorously. This procedure leads to the inculcation of water evaporation as well as a notable decrease in the temperature. The whole setup and its operation ultimately conclude to a cooler air as well as purified due to the usage of filter.

As entailed by many, CoolAir is not a device that is worthy of being kept in large rooms with an intention of cooling them. These portable devices are not suitable for the massively expanded rooms. However, you can keep it anywhere in your office or residential area. Also, if kept in a favourable environment they can facilitate pleasant in no time.

Features of CoolAir:

You should not just rely on CoolAir for its noteworthy function of cooling in such a small size. This is because, this device is accompanied with plethora of other advantages. Other important features which have literally proved it as one of the most cooling devices include:

  • Ability of filtering out pollution
  • Humidifying the prevalent air

The two aforementioned features are the most prominent ones; however, the other relatable features are mentioned below:

  • Its blades are highly adjustable and thus you shall not have to move or adjust them with any hassle! Move them up and down, also control their direction as per your needs and preferences.
  • It comprises of 3 different speeds. Each one of these have an ability of fitting all the needs of user. Whether you are playing, sleeping or working, these speeds would work according to your preferences.
  • The water tank present in CoolAir is notably long lasting! It has an ability of lasting for more than 7 hours.
  • You will come across seven different LED colour options in CoolAir. You can choose the one that attracts you the most.
  • Such devices consume lower power. It requires lesser energy for its operation that would be as low as a desk fan.
  • With its eye-pleasing form and a case that can light up with the usage of LEDs, are a heartthrob. In it, you can switch the backlight off as well as turn on the other colour changing lights.
  • It contains an Anhydrous automatic power off button that turns off automatically when needed.
  • With its portable features, you can carry it anywhere you want along with you!
  • Its compact size enables it to fit even in the teeny-weeny spaces.
  • CoolAir is highly cost-effective and thus, it can surely serve as an alternative to the traditional ACs.

What can a CoolAir do?

There are a number of ways in which the users can get benefitted on using the CoolAir. Even in the hottest days, it serves as a relief by proving cool and pleasant air.

Here are some of the major functions that a CoolAir can perform. Have a glance:

  • CoolAir has a three-speed controlled fan. Thus, whether you are in your office, play area or living room, this device will be prevalent with a right setting.
  • With its 3-in-1 gadget, this gadget has an eminence in purifying as well as humidifying the air perfectly. Your personal space is going to be fresh!
  • Its water tank has an ability of lasting up to 8 hours and thus, the user shall not have to change the water continually.
  • Due to it being light-weighted, portable as well as sleek, you can fit it anywhere. It can even be any place that you are travelling towards.
  • You can very easily set the tone of the lighting out of the seven options available according to your mood.

For how long can a CoolAir last?

Just in case you leave a CoolAir running in a room for a whole day and you come back to the room after 5-6 hours, you will witness a colder room. Apart from that, on noticing its water tank, you will get to know that it’s just half empty. Thus, on seeing this you can calculate that on average, a CoolAir can last for around 8 hours approximately.

Also, the rate at which its water tank will empty depends upon the level. If the level is lower, it will take more time in getting emptied whereas, if the level is higher it will be emptied at a faster pace. The moment water has reached to a level in which it shall be no more used, there is a need to fill up the tank with water yet again.

Who can seek the utmost benefit from its usage?

Summers have always been the same for everyone and thus, it discriminates amongst no people. Thus, just like summers never discriminate, a CoolAir also does the same! Every human worldwide holds a special place in its target audience. Each and every person can gain benefits from the usage of this device.

It has the ability to serve the families in the finest possible manner. That’s too obvious! Who would ever want to sleep uncomfortably in a heating room? This gadget has always ensured that you are attaining the utmost relaxation and satisfaction while feeling its pleasant air.

So, it would not at all be justified if you maintain a target group whom the CoolAir will serve. This is because every person looks out for a reliable source to swipe away the heat. The CoolAir has definitely proved as an ideal choice for many! Apart from that, it is much cost-effective and not at all complex to use.

CoolAir Price

The cost of CoolAir depends upon the quantity as well as the place from where you are buying this commodity. If you are purchasing them in bulk (even like 2 or 3 units), the total cost would be lesser as compared to the cost of an individual product.

However, the approximate cost would lead to somewhere around $89. Apart from that, the price would also stay dependent on the subject to availability.

What are the Customer reviews for CoolAir?

On seeing such a good number of advantages as well as characteristics of CoolAir, many people have intended to buy it. Some of them have highly favored the usage of CoolAir while some others have gone against its usage too!

The room that is prevalent in your immediate vicinity is going to get affected by the presence of CoolAir. You can assume the area of around 3 ft radius! If you are standing in front of it, the temperature is going to feel the lowest and you will feel the coldest.

The dial control panel that is available on the top of this equipment is more than satisfactory since the fan speed can be easily adjusted with it. You will not at all experience any kind of noise while using it, however you might hear some while adjusting the fan speed. The more distance you are going to maintain from this mini ac, the lesser would be the feel of coolness for you.

There are the least chances of any leakage issues in CoolAir. Inside this device, you shall also witness an inner reservoir that is similar to a Keurig.

However, when the tank is continuously filled up you might experience some leakage issues. You need to fill up the tank only when it is empty or only if the water is present in a very minimal amount. Many people have been using this device and the majority of them have entailed it as a satisfactory product! However, many have also said that there is much to improve in it. Overall, this is the best a person can get.


Gaining some relief from the scorching heat and that too with a device that is easy to carry, nothing can beat such a satisfaction! On giving the final feedback, it is said that CoolAir is definitely worthy of your financial investment. It is a great fusion of innovation, optimized comfort as well as reliability.

Getting dissatisfied with its usage is accompanied by minimal chances and thus, you can try it out once. This system incorporates a healthy inbuilt along with a filter that ensures pure air and your wellbeing. Irrespective of the place’s size, if it has an average size, your CoolAir would fit in it way too comfortable that you would haven’t even imagined in your life.

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