BiT Watch Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not (Must Read)

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Smartwatches have efficiently captured the markets if the traditional analog watches. While some still yearn for the nostalgic minutes and hour hands of their old wristwatch, it usually becomes difficult in sustaining an analog watch in today’s age.

Time and tide indeed wait for none and the same are true for watches. The analog watches were replaced with the digital counterparts that further surrendered to the smartwatches and the fitness trackers. Have you ever imagined owning a perfect combination of all of the above?

We are not talking about different watches but a single wristwatch that works well as an analog, digital, smartwatch, and a fitness tracker as well. So today we bring a miracle device called BiT Watch that is a dual-time watch that works perfectly as a smartwatch and fitness tracker.

What is a BiT Watch?

BiT Watch is a stylish and powerful dual time watch. It is a smartwatch that is compatible with any of the latest smartphones. It has all of the fitness tracker features as well which makes it an ideal smartwatch for a variety of persons.

BiT Watch

BiT Watch is trusted by many users across the globe. The stylish looks of the watch don’t interfere with its powerful features. The notifications from your smartphone along with the best battery backup makes it a first choice in smartwatches.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

BiT Watch is full of world-class features that are not limited to the following:

  • It is a dual time smartwatch.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a soft silicone strap.
  • It has the best G-sensors and other medical-grade fitness tracking sensors.
  • It is compatible with any of the latest Android and ios smartphones.
  • It is equipped with Bluetooth.
  • It is IP68 water-resistant smartwatch.
  • It is available at multiple discounts.

Pros and Cons of BiT Watch


Let us have a quick look at the multi-fold advantages of BiT Watch:

  1. BiT Watch is a smartwatch that is made up of high-quality sensors and strap materials.
  2. BiT Watch has powerful features that make it an ideal choice for the persons looking for a digital, analog, or multipurpose smartwatch.
  3. It gets synced to your Android or ios-based smartphone easily.
  4. It has a wonderful LCD with the highest resolution and a circular manual dial as well.
  5. It has long battery life, unlike other smartwatches that need to be charged again and again.
  6. It can easily monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and steps of walking with high-grade sensors.
  7. It is easy to wear a BiT Watch for the whole day as it has a comfortable strap.
  8. It has three different control knobs that add to the style statement of BiT Watch.
  9. It is a perfect smartwatch for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and office-going persons as well.
  10. It is available at affordable rates from the official website of the manufacturer.


  1. BiT Watch is available online only.
  2. You may have to wait for some days to own a BiT Watch as it is in huge demand across the world.  

Why BiT Watch?

Unlike other smartwatches, BiT Watch is a dual time smartwatch. It will not be wrong to say that the BiT Watch is equipped with all of the top features of an analog and a digital watch. Along with these, it is equipped with fitness tracking features. Hence, no need to buy different watches for different uses when you can have a BiT Watch for your daily use.

Secondly, BiT Watch is made up of high-grade sensors and has a soft silicone strap for enhanced comfort. It supports Bluetooth and has a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, G-sensor, and works as a pedometer as well. It is equipped with features that make it a powerful smartwatch that can withstand sweat and splash.

Thirdly, BiT Watch is the most affordable smartwatch available in the market. The manufacturer doesn’t try to earn over its features and offer multiple discounts that start from a minimum of 50% on all types of purchases of BiT Watch.

How does it work?

BiT Watch works most easily and efficiently. It is easy to use a BiT Watch. All you need to do is turn it one and set the mode out of analog or digital using the simple top knob. You can easily sync the BiT Watch to your Android or ios-based smartphone to get the best out of it. The long battery life makes it a hassle-free wristwatch.

BiT Watch has different modes i.e. analog and digital. The analog mode is much like any other analog wristwatches. It is easy to switch between the analog and digital modes. The digital model of the BiT Watch enables you to use your smartphone along with it. The sensors at the back of BiT Watch share the real-time data to your phone. The IP68 rated BiT Watch is an ideal around the clock partner that has the power to keep a check on your health along with your busy schedule. Not is miss are stylish looks of BiT Watch.

Rating and Reviews:

BiT Watch manages to score a top 5-star rating based on its manufacturing and efficient working. The customers of BiT Watch also share highly positive reviews about the product.

One customer shares that the BiT Watch is an ideal smartwatch as it is a mixture of analog and digital smartwatches. It is easy to use and looks stylish on all occasions like office, party, and outdoor functions as well. He strongly recommends BiT Watch to all tech-savvy persons.

The other user of BiT Watch terms it as a regular watch taking a toll on all of the big brand smartwatches that are too expensive for the common man. She is a fitness trainer and never forgets to wear a BiT Watch regularly. She is in love with the battery backup of BiT Watch that is way far better from the other smartwatches.

Another user of BiT Watch calls it a perfect dual time watch. He has used many dual time watches and so far has liked BiT Watch only. He terms it as a nice watch with efficient features and affordable rates.

BiT Watch Price:

BiT Watch is available to all of the willing buyers at amazing discounted prices. The cost price of a single unit of BiT Watch is $197.93. However, the company offers a flat 50% discount on a single unit of BiT Watch and hence you only have to spend $98.96. There are multiple offers on bulk-buying of BiT Watch as well.

You can buy 3 units of BiT Watch under the offer “Buy 2 BiT Watch and Get 1 FREE” for $196.92 only in which each unit of BiT Watch costs you $65.65 only. Hence, you get a direct 67% discount while buying 3 units of BiT Watch worth the cost price of $593.79. You can buy 5 units of BiT Watch under the offer “Buy 3 BiT Watch and Get 2 FREE” for $296.89 only in which each unit of BiT Watch costs you $59.37 only. Hence, you get a direct 70% discount while buying 5 units of BiT Watch worth the cost price of $989.64. Thus, regardless of the number of units of BiT Watch, you get more than a 50% discount on each purchase of BiT Watch.

Where to Buy?

It is strongly recommended to buy BiT Watch from its official website only. The manufacturer not only provides a discount on a single unit and multiple products but also provides free delivery at your location anywhere in the world. Along with the free shipping, you get access to the popular 3-month warranty extension plan of the company that secures your BiT Watch from any loss due to damages that are protected in the warranty scheme.  You can also avail of the different payment options available on the website of the manufacturer.

Along with the discounts and benefits on BiT Watch, the official website of the manufacturer ensures that you get the best authentic product. BiT Watch is a popular electronic device and hence markets are flooded with similar-looking but low-quality products. Hence, it is wise to buy from the official website only. The security features of the website like McAfee SECURE, TRUSTe VERIFIED, and Norton by Symantec makes it a safe place to protect your personal and banking details.


BiT Watch is a miracle device that is a must to have in the modern world. It is a perfect mixture of analog and digital watches. The best features along with high-end quality and catchy design make it a stylish and usable watch. The ease to use and easy to handle along with waterproof and shatterproof features of BiT Watch doesn’t overcome its affordability as the manufacturer offers BiT Watch at multiple discounts.  Bit Watch is an ideal gift for your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Grab a BiT Watch for you today at discounted rates!

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