BarXStop Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not? (Must Read)

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Are you also blessed with the joy of four paws? But are you troubled by their stubborn behavior of barking at every visitor of your house? Is it embarrassing to take your dog out for a walk every day due to their unnecessary barking habits? You are just on the right platform.  BarXStop is just the device that you were dreaming of.

Dogs are undoubtedly the friendliest animals, but sometimes it can be a little challenging to handle their unwanted and uncontrollable behavior, especially in front of outsiders. It is best to train your furry friend, but not everyone can afford a professional trainer. BarXStop is the best dog barking trainer that can be bought with a one-time investment.


It is an electronic device that emits harmless ultrasonic sound waves that are not audible to human beings, but dogs can hear them due to their wide range of audibility. It is a small and lightweight device that can be carried everywhere and has a LED torch that makes it perfect for night walks as well. This can also be used for stray dogs that are dangerous and stroll around you every time you step out in the street.

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs bark as it is their natural way of communicating with their masters or anyone. A dog can bark for various reasons that can be joyous or threatening.  They often bark if they are in their playful mood, but sometimes they howl if they feel insecure or senses any unwanted intrusion of strangers.

What is BarXStop?

BarXStop is an electronic training tool that can stop a dog from barking. It emits harmless ultrasonic sound waves that correct the unwanted barking behavior of the dog. Its range is 50 feet, which means that it can stop a dog from a distance.  The BarXStop is unlike any cruel and not friendly chemical sprays or shock collars that can cause many impairments to these loyal friends.

With just one click, the device produces high-frequency sound waves, which causes slight discomfort to the dogs and stops them from barking at you or anyone. It guarantees to cause no harm to them.  It acts like a dog whistle that is ideal for all the people who fear dogs.  It will instantly calm them down and will bring them in a more relaxed state. It works on dogs of all age groups and sizes. You can control a Shih-Tzu and a pitbull with this single device.

Who can buy BarXStop?

All the people who own a dog should possess this must-have electronic device that can put your pet in a more relaxed and acceptable behavior. It works in both indoor and outdoor atmosphere.

The people who fear to be around dogs are also advised to buy this. It works from a distance of 50 feet, this means that you can make a dog run away from the range too. You can carry this if there is any dangerous or infected stray dog in your street.

This is an efficient and non- violent method that can tame your barbarized dog. It often gets embarrassing to have a pet that howls at everyone who passes by, and BarXStop can stop that behavior with ease of being at home only.

How does it work?

BarXStop emits harmless ultrasonic sound waves that are of high frequency and cause slight discomfort to the dog, which forces it to stop barking. You need to press a button, and the sound waves will be emitted. The best part is that these waves are not audible to human beings as it is beyond their hearing range.  Also, it causes no harm to rats, cats, and other pests.

It also comes with a LED flashlight, which makes it suitable for late-night walks or at night times when your dogs bark due to loneliness and boredom. It gets irksome when the dogs bark in the middle of the night for no reason and wake you up.

Technical Specifications of BarXStop

  • It has a LED flashlight that can be used in dark rooms or at night times. Also, the LED can be used as an instructing device that can help you direct your dog to do a sure thing like heading them to sit at a particular spot.
  • It has a replaceable and repairable 9-volts battery.
  • The frequency of the sound wave emitted is 25 kHz. This frequency is not audible to human beings and other smaller species.
  • The range of output is 50 meters, which allows you to direct your pet from a distance.


This is a popular device which is used by many professional dog trainers around the world because it comes with strings of benefits like;

  1. It works for dogs of all sizes, age groups, and breed. You can tame your beagle and your neighbor’s Chowchow with a single device.
  2. It is completely harmless for human beings as well as animals. The ultrasonic sound waves are not audible to human beings and other smaller species.
  3. It is easy to access device that does not require any technical skills to operate. You need to press a button, and you are done..!!
  4. The use of BarXStop does not bring any adverse change in your pet’s psychology; instead, it brings discipline in their behavior.
  5. It gives the ability to domesticate your dog without the help of any pricey professional trainer.
  6. After the regular use of 2-3 weeks, your dog will itself leave the habit of barking unnecessarily. Soon your dog will stop barking at passing by vehicles.
  7.  It gives you two options of colors to choose from. You can pick between bright yellow and classic black.


  1. The device is available only on online platforms. This could be turn off for the people who wanted to have a look at it before buying it.
  2. Due to its high demand, it is out of stock sometimes.
  3. This is not a worthy and satisfactory device for rural people as they have large open yards in which their dogs roam. This device only offers a range of 50 meters.
  4. Although the makers claim it to work within the range of 50 meters, but the device does not work efficiently beyond 10 meters of range.

BarXStop Price and Availability

This splendid gadget is found only on the web, and the developers have not introduced it in the markets and stores yet. You can purchase it from the official site of the manufacturer. One can purchase the device on discounted rates that are offered very frequently on their official website. It comes with a guarantee of two years.

The original price is $78, but you can always find this device at a 50% discounted rate of $39 with absolutely free shipping around the globe. The seller accepts all modes of online payments, including Paypal and Shopify Secure.  It is recommended to buy it from the official site as other small online vendors could be fake.

Customers reviews and recommendations

The device is in high demand, which shows its love from the customers and their recommendations to others. The people are liking the training techniques that are built in this. This has really shown a significant change in the discipline of their fury friend.

They are contented to find a device that has replaced their hired trainers and does not cost a lot. The majority of the users have given it 4-5 stars and are happy to recommend it to their friends and relatives.

Many people have bought the device for their kids who were afraid to play in the parks and streets due to some stray dogs, but now they feel 100% safe to go out and play.

Final Verdict

Dogs have earned the title of “Man’s Best Friend,” but sometimes these best friends get crazy and behave vaguely, which can be discomforting and insulting sometimes. BarXStop, as the name suggests, can stop the dogs from barking and can create a sense of discipline in them.

It works on the phenomenon of ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to human beings but are disturbing to dogs and therefore make them shut their unnecessary howling. It is quite easy to use and requires no skills to operate. You just have to press a button to activate the emission of the sound waves. BarXStop has a LED flashlight that enables you to take your dog out even in the nights or dark early mornings.

BarXStop has a working range of 50 meters, which allows you to tame your dog from a distance too.  It is suitable for people who are scared of dogs. They can press the button from a range, and the dog would run away. It can be used to get rid of stubborn stray dogs that often stroll around your property and causes discomfort and fear of dog bite.

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