BarxBuddy Review – Price, Benefits, Works or Not? (Must Read)

BarxBuddy is an electronic device that can be used to train your dogs. It is a great device to let your dogs know that your dog is behaving undesirably. You can very easily connect with your furry friends and connect with them while creating a friendly environment with the help of BarxBuddy. Isn’t that something that you were always dreaming of?

Product Details

BarxBuddy is a great product to make your dogs understand what you want to tell them. This product makes use of ultrasonic sound waves. These sound waves are inaudible to the normal human ear but for dogs, it is a high-frequency sound. If your dog starts barking like a maniac or goes berserk every time there is a new guest or a new vehicle outside your lawns, then this product is the best option you can get to train him otherwise.


Some dogs are really stubborn and will not be trained by the classic methods of giving a treat. This product would easily be used to train these dogs as well. This is friendly for the dog as well as the user. You can be assured that this does not hurt the user or the dog.

BarxBuddy Ingredients

The device has the following features which will help your train your dog for better.

  • Infrared lights
  • Flashlight
  • Ultrasonic sound (inaudible to humans)
  • Two setting options

All these features are included in such a way that they do not harm the user or the dog. These, in fact, create a positive aura for the dog to react calmly when he is exposed to the ultrasonic sound.

How Does It Work?

You need not be worried to be embarrassed about the behavior of your dog in front of your guests. BarxBuddy focuses on working for the connection between your dog and you. So here are some standard steps to use this product.

  • Every time your dog starts barking a lot because of anything, you just have to search for your BarxBuddy.
  • Take a step or two close to your dog and position yourself in such a way that your dog can see you and the product too.
  • After you switch it on, it emits certain ultrasonic sounds that would reach your dog. These ultrasonic sounds would calm your dog down or make him understand that his owner is not pleased by whatever he is doing. And because of the inherent nature of the dogs to be “be a good boy”, they will naturally stop.
  • Its owling is as simple as that. It is really easy to handle and it hurts neither the dog nor the user.


There are so many plus points of using BarxBuddy with your dog. The very first of it is of course that you get a sort of control over your dogs. If you have two dogs at home and both if they are always getting into fights or are always wound up on each other, then you can use this device to calm them down and get them back in disciplined order.

You can give your dog all the attention he wants and also receive some from his end when you are BarxBuddy. This device makes your dog more attentive and thus makes him listen to your commands more patiently and follow them more accurately.

This is a very compact device. You can carry it around anywhere you want to. You can just take it out with you whenever you are walking your dogs. This would also prevent roadside feuds between the two dogs.

It is made up of high-quality material and perfectly balanced chemicals that do not harm the user or the dog.

It also produces an LED stimulus that helps your dog to calm down even if the ultrasonic sound causes some mild high-quality product assures complete security, especially for your dog as it has to deal with the ultrasound waves. The lights would instantly calm him down while conveying the message of his unpleasant behavior.

Side Effects

As I have mentioned before, there are absolutely no side effects of using BarxBuddy. Although 

BarxBuddy is made up of chemicals and it makes your dog stop barking for quite a while, it causes no physical or psychological harm to the user or the dog. There have been many types of research for finding out whether this product is harmful to the dogs or not. But the product is well tested and approved by a lot of users.


There is no particular time to use this product. BarxBuddy can be used whenever and wherever required. It is small in size so you can carry it outside too. You can use it anytime you think that your dog is barking extensively or if you feel embarrassed in public because of any of their actions.

BarxBuddy Results

The results of this product are quite positive and genuine. These devices help you in keeping your dog in check wherever you go. The results sometimes differ from breed to breed. This product can also be used for controlling cats but it is specifically designed for training dogs.

There are many original testimonials given by the real buyers of this product on the official website. Its reviews given by the real purchases are very good. This is something unique because generally such devices are criticized by its users more often. You do not need anything more than this to trust the product and purchase it.

A more thorough experiment has shown positive adaptation from Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, Yorkie-Poo, German Shepherd, Boxer,  Husky, Weiner Dog, Bulldog, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Poodle, Yorkshire and Gold Retriever breeds. In a few cases, it has been failed to control a Pitbull but there are also instances when it has been able to control the breed.

Every breed reacts to the ultrasonic waves differently. Sometimes it may cause your dog to obey you or sometimes it might also cause him some mild discomfort.

Is It Recommended?

If your dog is really embarrassing to be brought up in public or his regular behavior is really weird and not suitable for the owner, it is totally recommended. This product will leave you with no chewed sofas or missing shoes or with absolutely no chaos that your dog might cause. Of course, it would take some time to train the dog, but this device does it much better and easier. It features to make sure that the device causes absolutely no harm to the dog and his behavior is calmed too.

In some cases, the dogs have also reacted displeased to the device. There were observations of dogs making avoidance postures which is not a good sign for dogs generally. This is why these devices are suitable and recommended for some breeds while others must refrain from using this product.

BarxBuddy Price

Since this product has just been launched it is only available in the United States and just a few other places. However, you should only buy this product from its official website to avoid counterfeits. You can buy this product online through emails or even contact the main office of the manufacturer to order this product.

In addition to this, you also get considerate discounts when you order on special occasions or in bulk purchases when you order online. It’s the price is 30$ in the US which is quite cheap when compared to the benefits it has. There are certain 50-60% off discount sales on the website of you catch them on time. These products are quickly sold away.


So as a final verdict, yes, BarxBuddy is a very innovative and progressive tool that can help you control the bad behavior of your dogs. All you need to do is just switch the button on in the vicinity of your dogs. This will just take a little of your time every day to make your dog a better pet.

One thing that you should know is you should not shout at your dogs when their behavior is displeasing because this causes them to increase their barking or encourages them to do whatever they are doing.

This can be easily prevented by using BarxBuddy as it automatically creates a friendly environment between you and your dog. You don’t need to shout or even put your dogs into some training programs where they would train your dogs in unknown ways. BarxBuddy is a very convenient and overall great product for training your dogs in an easy and friendly way.

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