Automend Pro Review – Price, Benefits, Works Or Not (Must Read)

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Cars are the next luxury items in your place. These are the best means of transport for your family and have gained fame as a style statement as well. You may gift your car a secure garage but what will you do when your car faces problems?

Most of us take our vehicle to the garage. Soon it was realized that it is not worthy to take your car to the costly garage every time. Still, it is difficult to decide on the severity of the problem without consulting a mechanic. Here comes the role of onboard diagnostic tools. So today we bring a detailed review of the miracle product called Automend Pro for you.

What is Automend Pro?

Automend Pro is one of its kinds of onboard diagnostic tools for your vehicles. It works well with your existing smartphones to give a detailed report about the problems in your car. It is a high-end technology-driven device that is highly affordable and easy to interpret. You must have heard about a lot of onboard diagnostic tools but Automend Pro is different as it is very easy to understand and gives you the most accurate results.

Automend Pro

Gladly you can now classify all your car problems with the help of Automend Pro. It gives you the best data on your smartphone so that you can decide on the severity of the issue of your car. You may need to repair it immediately or can wait for a while based on the results shown by Automend Pro. Let’s have a look at the best technical specifications and features of Automend Pro.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

So what is it that makes Automend Pro so special? Let us have a quick look at the following points:

  • It is 48*25*25 mm in size.
  • It weighs 65 grams only
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS-based smartphones.
  • It has vehicle GPS tracking and valet tracking.
  • It has the feature of fuel efficiency and emissions reports.
  • It has a collision and airbag monitoring feature.
  • It gives you access to the Automend Pro blog and chats.

Pros and Cons of Automend Pro


If you are still thinking about buying Automend Pro for your place, do not forget to go through the following advantages of using this little piece of gem:

  1. It gives you clear and concise information about the problems in your car. Thus, you get control of the problems of your car that you and explain directly to your mechanic.
  2. It identifies the severity of the car problem whenever you get an indication of a problem in your car. It is not possible sometimes to immediately repair your car and gives you the appropriate time to schedule a one.
  3. You get all of the information to monitor your vehicle from the Automend Pro. The app of Automend Prorecords all of the data of your car. All you need to do is establish the app on your smartphone and you are all set.
  4. It gives you a detailed report about the diagnosis of your car. Thus, you can have a check at the specific components of the vehicle.
  5. It is an easy to use diagnostic tool that works well with all of the vehicles manufactured after 1996. It is highly durable and compact.
  6. It is an affordable onboard diagnostic tool as compared to the other equipment available in the market.


Automend Pro is available online only and you may have to wait for a while in owing an Automend Pro for your use.

Why Automend Pro?

Out of all of the options available in the market, there are multiple reasons that you should prefer Automend Pro over others.

First of all, it is the best solution for your car’s performance issues. It effectively gives all of the answers to easily understand with the help of practical information. Thus, you don’t need to be at the mercy of your mechanic to understand the problem in your car.

Secondly, Automend Pro saves your money. Thus you don’t need to get overcharged for the mechanical services that may not have been required but are forced on to your car. It is a smart device that makes you aware of the specifications of your car irrespective of your knowledge in mechanics.

Thirdly, Automend Pro is a versatile product that works well with all of the cars. There is no need to go for supporting products for the efficient working of your car diagnostics.

How does it work?

Before understanding about the working of Automend Pro, it is mandatory to understand the basic steps to use it for your device. There is no detailed setup required while you are using Automend Pro for your car. However, you can have a look at the following steps:

  1. Plugin Automend Pro in the onboard diagnostics port of your car.
  2. Install the Automend Pro app on your smartphone.
  3. Run the app while Automend Pro is plugged in your car.

Automend Pro is the latest onboard diagnostic tool that gets attracted to your car. It shares information about the health of your car to your smartphone. It is best achieved using the simple smartphone app available from the play store. It works smartly in detecting the issues in your car whenever the car engine sign issue pop-ups on your dashboard. Automend Pro uses a standardized digital communication port to provide real-time data along with the standardized series of codes that help the app to identify the problems in your vehicle.

Rating and Reviews:

Our team has used Automend Pro and refuses to give it anything lesser than the highest rating on our 5-star rating scale. The customers of Automend Pro share highly positive reviews about the product.

One customer says that Automend Pro says that it is one of the best onboard diagnostics tools that work well in defining the innocent “Check Engine” sign on the dashboard of your car. He loves the way the technology helps him in getting to the root of the problems in your car so that you can timely take it to a mechanic.

The other user of Automend Pro says that has earned a huge trust from her car. She terms Automend Pro as a reliable product and knowledgeable technology in your garage. It has always helped her whenever there is some gas issue or engine issue in her car. She strongly recommends Automend Pro to all independent women who love to drive a car.

The third user of Automend Pro says that it is a smart device that protects you from the clever mechanic. You may not trust any garage when it comes to trust your car’s health. Automend Pro helps you to give a clear insight into your car’s problems. He strongly recommends Automend Pro to all of the serious drivers.

Automend Pro Price:

The cost price of the Automend Pro is $76.85. However, the company offers a discount on Automend Pro and you can own a single unit of Automend Pro which is $49.95. The company doesn’t charge any shipping fees for delivering Automend Pro to your place.

In case you are looking to buy multiple units of Automend Pro you can avail of the different offers of the company. You can own two units of Automend Pro for $99.90 only worth the actual cost of $153.7. You can buy three units of Automend Pro for $149.85 only worth the actual cost of $230.55. You can buy four units of Automend Pro for $199.80 only worth the actual cost of $307.4. You can buy five units of Automend Pro for $249.75 only worth the actual cost of $384.25.

Where to Buy?

It is strongly recommended to buy Automend Pro from its official website only as it is a popular product and chances are high that there are multiple counterfeit and similar-looking products available in the market. Apart from all of the amazing offers on different units of Automend Pro, you can also extend the warranty of Automend Pro from its official website. Further, all of the transactions made towards the payments for Automend Pro are safeguarded by the 256-bit SSL encryption. Also, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 100% quality guarantee as well.


Automend Pro is a perfect solution to troubleshoot your car problems before visiting a garage. Thus, you are aware of the issue in your car and hence you can try to solve it independently or with the help of a professional mechanic. If you are a tech-savvy or car loving person, you must not miss buying an Automend Pro for you.

Automend Pro is a personalized car mechanic for your place. It is easy to use, easy to interpret, and a highly affordable car tool. Grab an Automend Pro for you today and gift your car with a blessing of good health!

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